Video: Adrian Newey's racing son

Formula 3 European Championship racer Harrison Newey reveals what it's like to have design genius Adrian Newey as a father in this exclusive interview from's The Flying Lap.

The 19-year-old, who finished 11th in Euro F3 in 2017, explains his own path to becoming a racing driver, his father's influence and what help he has been given with the engineering of his son's F3 car.

Newey stresses that while his father has impressive pedigree as a race engineer, notably to Mario Andretti in CART, the strength of his Van Amersfoort team means that there is a limit to what he can offer.

"What you can't underestimate is the professionalism of F3," says Newey.

"I think we had probably 40 guys working at the workshop full time on F3 cars that have worked on F3 cars for years.

"As much as my dad can come in being a great engineer, because he wasn't there working on the car every day, to phone him up and say 'I've got an F3 car here' it can work but the guys there are very professional and know what they are doing."

Newey also discusses what it's like to grow up living in the same house as a grand prix design genius, and how he got started in racing.

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