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Borja Garcia -- 2004 Spanish Formula 3 Champion! Today the final races of the 2004 Spanish Formula 3 Championship took place at the circuit of Barcelona and after a brilliant season and with another win this weekend, Borja Garcia was proclaimed...

Borja Garcia -- 2004 Spanish Formula 3 Champion!

Today the final races of the 2004 Spanish Formula 3 Championship took place at the circuit of Barcelona and after a brilliant season and with another win this weekend, Borja Garcia was proclaimed Champion of the Spanish Formula 3! Borja's teammate Steven Kane finished the season in an excellent third position and Racing Engineering won the team Championship for a fourth consecutive time.

Race 1:

Borja Garcia, starting the race from pole position, made everything possible during race one to win the title of the Spanish Formula 3 Championship. The Racing Engineering driver started the race on used tyres, whereas his championship rival Giao decided to use a set of new tyres. Borja once more had an excellent start leaving Giao behind him and was running in first position from the start until the finish line, leaving no chance for Giao to make use of his advantage to run on new tyres and therefore finishing in second position. This victory and the fastest lap time in the race allow Borja to start the second race with a twelve point advantage and only a step from crowning himself Spanish Formula 3 Champion.

Steven, who was accompanied this weekend at the Barcelona track by his manager Damon Hill, started the race fifth and in a tough start could keep this position. During the first laps of the race Steven put Nuñez, who was running in fourth, under pressure, but could not overtake the Spaniard. Therefore Steven finished the race in fifth position.

Maria de Villota knew already after yesterday's qualifying sessions that the race participation would be all but easy for her given the pain in her left hand. Having driven short stints in the sessions held so far on the Barcelona circuit, a race distance meant incredible pain, which wouldn't allow her to be competitive and handle the car properly. She started the race from nineteenth position and had to retire in the pits at the end of lap seven.

Race 2:

The second race of the day had Borja Garcia starting from sixth position and given the championship standings, it was clear that Borja would not put the title at risk by pushing too hard. The young Spaniard overtook his teammate Steven Kane at the start and kept his position throughout the race until at the beginning the last lap he overtook Nuñez and moved up into fourth position. Giao, given the results of the first race only had a theoretical chance to win the title, finished the race in eighth position. Therefore Borja is the new Spanish Formula 3 Champion!

Steven Kane started from fifth position on the starting grid and lost one position at the start. During the entire race Steven easily kept Risatti behind him and finished the race in sixth position.

Maria de Villota started the race but had to stop the car in the pits at the end of the second lap due to her physical problems.

At the end of the weekend Alfonso de Orleans, president of Racing Engineering, stated, "The fourth consecutive team title and third driver title in four years proves that the team has made a great job and permanently tries to improve. I would like to thank the boys for the fantastic work they've done this season and also our drivers, who set an example as team players. I am really happy for Borja. He is an extremely professional driver, fast and concentrated. He really deserved this title. Steven's third place in the overall championship is also well merited for someone who never raced in Spain before."

<pre> Race 1: 1. Borja Garcia Racing Engineering 26'32.437 2. Manuel Giao GTA Motor Competicion +3.761 3. Jose M. Perez Aicart Eca Racing +7.943 4. Javier Villa JV Racing --Elide +9.856 5. Steven Kane Racing Engineering +11.495 6. Alejandro Nuñez Meycom +25.392 7. Ricardo Risatti +25.982 8. Andy Soucek GTA Motor Competicion +26.509 9. Ferdinand Kool Igi Tec Auto +28.407 10. Juan Caceres Igi Tec Auto +36.912

Race 2: 1. Jose M. Perez Aicart Eca Racing 26'34.608. 2. Andy Soucek GTA Motor Competitcion +6.511 3. Celso Miguez Meycom +7.250 4. Borja Garcia Racing Engineering +11.662 5. Alejandro Nuñez Meycom +14.164 6. Steven Kane Racing Engineering +16.212 7. Ricardo Risatti Igi Tec Auto +20.334 8. Manuel Giao GTA Motor Competitcion +20.557 9. Javier Villa JV Racing -- Elide +24.524 10. Manuel Saez Merino ACM +28.843

Final classification of the Spanish Formula 3 Championship: 1. Borja Garcia 149 points 2. Manuel Giao 131 points 3. Steven Kane 100 points 4. Andy Soucek 74 points 5. Ricardo Risatti 50 points 6. Sergio Hernandez 41 points 7. Dani Martin 35 points 8. Alvaro Barba 31 points 9. Javier Villa 29 points 10. Alejandro Nuñez 27 points 12. Maria de Villota 13 points


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