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The Circuit of Zolder will be the next battlefield of the Superfund World Series by Nissan. The Belgian crowd will be divided between two known figures: Bas Leinders and the Team Kurt Mollekens The Belgian Circuit of Zolder will host for the...

The Circuit of Zolder will be the next battlefield of the Superfund World Series by Nissan.

The Belgian crowd will be divided between two known figures: Bas Leinders and the Team Kurt Mollekens

The Belgian Circuit of Zolder will host for the first time in its history a race of the World Series the next 27th of April. In this race, two of the most important figures of Belgium motorsport, will fight to get a victory back home. Bas Leinders, the Belgian driver who began to collect his victories in this same circuit, will seek the glory in front of his fellow country man, who would be divided between him and the other Belgian team the Series: KTR, managed by Kurt Mollekens.

Franck Montagny (Gabord Competition) is a one-serious leader after taking both wins in the Opening Meeting held at El Jarama (Madrid) last 30th of March.

At the moment, the Gabord Competición Team leads the Series after the great exhibition of its two drivers, Franck Montagny and Heikki Kovalainen in the opening meeting held at El Jarama (Madrid). After them, Ander Vilariño, Marc Gené and Enrique Bernoldi battle to be at the first positions. The heavy rainy conditions at El Jarama ruined several drivers' performance and the races were marked by a lot of incidents. Only a few drivers could complete both races with an intact car.

Leinders, who in this moment is seventh in the Series, has started a new cycle with his new team Racing Engineering after leaving KTR where he used to be a driver under the orders of Mollekens. Bas Leinders hopes that the advantages of knowing perfectly the Zolder circuit will give him a victory there. Although he's sure that the other drivers won't have it so complicated there because of all their experience " Zolder is a circuit that allows you to go really quick. Except for the chicanes, there are parts of the Circuit really plain where the speed gets imposed".

On the other hand, Kurt Mollekens, team manager of KTR, assures that his drivers, Felix Porteiro and Paul Edwards, won't have any advantages over the other drivers, because of the team little experience in Zolder: " We only have a little time during the test to get used to the circuit. But anyway we are really happy to be able to compete in Belgium. We have so many friends that wants to see us race there".

Mollekens thinks that although he would feel like at home, all the pressure will go to Bas Leinders because the entire crowd will be there for him "Leinders is from that region and he is also sponsored by the Circuit. I'm sure that there will be people that will cheer for us, but I think that a team is very different from a driver. People could like a team very much, but is always the driver who they will love. Is he whom they will ask for pictures and autographs".

The KTR team manager hopes that in Zolder he will have the perfect opportunity to get his drivers known in Belgium. Zolder was officially inaugurated for national and international competition in 1963, a circuit that was for a very long time one of Europe's largest circuit with 4,300 meters long. The track has been shortened to 4,184 meters.

All teams will be participating in the Collective Test Scheduled for Thursday 24th of April.

Michelin S510 type for all teams in Zolder The organisers of the Superfund World Series by Nissan had announced that, the use of the new S510 type of the Michelin tyres would be compulsory from now on, including Zolder. The new S 510 compound allows the car to be half a second faster. The new tyre compound will be used in all the races, except in Monza and in the Catalunya Circuit, where they will compete with the single-seaters will fit again the old Michelin S500 type.

The two races will be live-broadcasted by TVE and RTL The RTL network in Belgium, as well as Television Española in Spain, will be live-broadcasted both races of the Superfund World Series by Nissan. Apart from that, the other live retransmissions world-wide are: Cable Mágico (Perú), TyC (Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay and Brazil), Record (Brazil), TVN Chile (Chile), ESPN (India), Ten Sports (TAG TV) (India,Pakistán, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Butan, Nepal, Maldives), CPM Macao TV, (Macao, Hong Kong).

<pre> Timetable of Event

Thursday 09h00-11h55 World Series 1st. Private Practice 14h00-15h00 World Series 2nd. Private Practice

Friday 14h05-14h45 World Series 1st. Private Practice 16h30-17h10 World Series 2nd. Private Practice

Saturday 09h05-09h35 World Series Private Practice 11h20-11h50 World Series 1st. Qualifying Practice 14h15-14h45 World Series 2nd. Qualifying Practice Press Conference (Inmediately After 2ND Qualifying)

Sunday 10h05-10h20 World Series Warm Up 11h45 World Series Race#1 (18 Laps) 14h15 World Series Race#2 (26 Laps - Pit Stop 5/18) Press Conference (Inmediately After 2ND Qualifying)

Drivers 1 Franck Montagny Fr 44 Pts 2 Heilkki Kovalainen Fin 22 Pts 3 Ander VilariñO Spa 16 Pts 4 Marc Gené Spa 15 Pts 5 Enrique Bernoldi Bra 14 Pts 6 Bruno Besson Fra 12 Pts 7 Bas Leinders Bel 10 Pts 8 Narain Kartikheyan Ind 8 Pts 9 Bruce Jouanny Fra 6 Pts 10 Paul Edwards Usa 6 Pts 11 Stephane Sarrazin Fra 4 Pts 12 Angel BurgueñO Spa 4 Pts 13 Ricardo GonzáLez Mex 3 Pts 14 Polo Villaamil Spa 2 Pts

Teams 1 Gabord Competición 66 Pts 2 Epsilon-Euskadi 16 Pts 3 RC Motorsport 16 Pts 4 Adrian Campos Motorsport 15 Pts 5 Racing Engineering 14 Pts 6 Tata Team Carlin 14 Pts 7 Saulnier Racing 12 Pts 8 Repsol Racing For Spain Vergani 7 Pts 9 KTR 6 Pts


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