RPM Racing 2003 pre-season news 2003-03-27

The Austrian-based Company will be the new title sponsor of the Superfund World Series by Nissan that starts the 30 of March. Madrid, 27 of March 2003 - RPM Racing has closed an agreement with Quadriga, the international investment group with...

The Austrian-based Company will be the new title sponsor of the Superfund World Series by Nissan that starts the 30 of March.

Madrid, 27 of March 2003 - RPM Racing has closed an agreement with Quadriga, the international investment group with base in Austria, to promote the Super Fund World Series by Nissan with the help of the new Superfunds offered by this austrian company.

During this championship of The Superfund World Series by Nissan, that will start this Sunday in Jarama (Madrid), RPM Racing will distribute a bonus of 1,500,000 euros among the drivers and teams of all the categorys of this championship.

The union betwen the investment firm and RPM Racing promises to be an strong alliance to increase the quality of this championship that everyday gets more increasing interest and potencial business potential. As stated by the owner and founder of Quadriga, Christian Baha, "the Superfund World Series by Nissan will be a perfect opportunity to offer our Superfunds to investors all over the world".

Quadriga is not only the title sponsor of the competition, his sponssor precense is very important in the austrian team Superd Fund Zele Racing that competes in this championship.

RACE centenary will begging in Jarama with Gené at head.

RACE and RPM Racing, the promoter company of the event, joined forces to please motor fans, so they can enjoy of and exceptional evening in the Jarama Circuit, with the first race of the Superfund World Series by Nissan. With this attractive show, RACE will beggin the acts of commemoration of his centenary.

The World Series by Nissan, identical single sitter identhical to the F-1, propulsed by a 450 CV, will start its second season with 12 nwe international teams, and F1 drivers, as Marc Gené (Adrian Motorsport), who this sunday will be in the head of the series in the V6 category.

This year, Gené comes back to the competition with Adrian Campas Motor sport, the team, that made him champion in 1998, the same as Fernando Alonso (1999) and antonio Garcia (2000).

If Ricardo Zonta was the formula 1 driver reference in the year 2002, Marc Gené is willing to be the reference driver this year. But first he will have to take care of the serious adversaries he will met at the Jarama race. Because, as him, many of the World Series drivers had been in the Formula 1.

As a matter of fact, in only a year, the World Series by Nissaan had made a revolution. In the "establishment" of the world competition. In his structures we can see many F-1 professional working in the World Series.

Renault F1 will have two of his drivers in the spanish Gabord team: Frank Montagny, the new test driver of the team, and the finn Heikki Kovalainen (Ranault driver development).

Racing Engineering will start the second season with two top stars drivers: The french driver Stephane Sarrazine and the Belgiun driver Bas Leinders, third last year. Erique Bernoldi participates with the italian team RC Motorsport.

Also, we can see two new teams entering the championship: the british Carlin Motorsport and the french Saulnier Racing, that counts with a great international expirience.

The motor fan can also be witness of the return of Angel Burgeño to the World Series. Burgueño will be a driver of the Repsol Racing for Spain Team.

Six spanish drivers will compete with the international elite.

In the World Series there will be also other five spanish drivers: Ander Vilariño, Angel Burgueño, Polo Villaamil, Santi Porteiro and Felix Porteiro. The circuit of Jarama will be the escenary of the first two races of the spanish Formula Junior championship, wher young pilots as Adrián Valles, who is in the Renault Formula 1 orbite, will start his professional carrer that will aloud him to be one day with the great stars of the World Series.


The act of inaguration of the Superfund World Series by Nissan that took place in Jarama was a great succsess.

As Jaime Alguersauray, president of RPM Racing, said "Superfund and the six drivers of the F1 that will be racing in Jarama, next sunday, will open a new search in the international consolidation of the championship".

In his intervention in the press coference, thepresident of RPM Racing spoke about the achivement of the 1999 World Series champion Fernando Alonso " With his spectacular third place in Malasia, Alonso closes an era that begun in 1998".

Carlos Garcia, vicepresident of FIA and president of the Royal Sanish Federation of Automibilism, with his declarations congratulated the event organizers for theyre great effort "I have com to tell you, that FIA supports totally this event. FIA feels happy for youre work. As an spanish, I cannot feel more pride than this. Finnally, the spanish automobilsm is the best showcase in the international ambit".

Daniel J. Joung, president of Nissa Motor in Spain, emphazise on the importance of this competition " The World Series are an eceptional tool of comunication for Nissan. His return has been great. The new V6 motors of the World Series will be the same as the Nissan 357 that will be on show in the Auto Salón of Barcelona and they can also be adquired in this competition".

Güenter Mathis, Chief operating officer of Superfund, made reference of the faitn that his company has in this event "The World Series represents our company phylosophy: Passion, dreams and competivity".


The anticipate sales of this Championship are available at The Corte Ingles at the price of 8 Euros.

Also in the locals of CINESA in all the Madrid Comunity.

The tickets of the World Series by Nissan in Jarama, will be available the 30 of march in the circuit at 10 Euros.


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