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Jouanny, Gommendy, Pla, Ravier, Andre... 5 Top French Drivers in Fight For a Victory The next meeting of the World Series by Nissan is at the Nevers Magny-Cours Circuit, France, and will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of May. This meeting is ...

Jouanny, Gommendy, Pla, Ravier, Andre...
5 Top French Drivers in Fight For a Victory

The next meeting of the World Series by Nissan is at the Nevers Magny-Cours Circuit, France, and will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of May. This meeting is specially interesting due to the fact that this year there will be 5 French drivers at the World Series by Nissan (450 HP)); as a result motivation between drivers becomes quite impressive and rivalry gets to its highest level. Everyone has got chances to arrive in first position, specially the Saulnier Racing team, which factory is only 200 meters away from the main entrance to the Circuit.

This year is going to be the first where all three categories will be at the same circuit or meeting: the World Series by Nissan, the World Series Light and Spanish Championship of Formula Junior 1600. In the World Series by Nissan category 5 drivers and 3 teams are representing the national colours; it will give higher expectations over what we've been watching lately. Following the Frank Montagny example, Renault F1 third driver, French young drivers see the Magny-Cours circuit as a perfect platform to start thinking, over a close future, about the top competition: Formula 1. This fact makes their adrenaline pump up to maximum levels giving them an extra power and a great willingness to work at full concentration. The Saulnier Racing driver is racing at home; since their headquarters are 200 meters away form the circuit. Tristan Gommendy, one of the most effective debutants this year, is quite confident: "Magny Cours is France and I have been racing in this circuit several times, like Fukuda or Monteiro. But Kovalainen and Karthy know as well how is to race in Magny Cours with the Dallara Nissan a car. Nevertheless, I'll race for the win".

The Saulnier Racing team lives with full enthusiasm this special opportunity to get a good position at the provisional classification. After having some problems with the engine, they are optimistic. "If everything goes well, we hope to win at Magny-Cours", says Serge Saulnier after completing quite a useless test yesterday at Magny Cours, after the engine of Gommendy kept fire. The Belgian team KTR has also 2 French drivers, Didier Andre, second season at the WSbN, and Bruce Jouanny, who made the pole position last year; according to D. Andre: "Magny Cours is the third meeting of the year in the World Series by Nissan. After the good vibrations in Jarama, I was not very quick in Zolder and we are working very hard to get a competitive car for Magny Cours." Bruce Jouanny is more self confident, as he says: "Last year I achieved one pole, but I was quite unlucky for the second qualifying. I'm happy with the test in Magny Cours, and the weather was good. This is my second year and I hope that I will get a lot of points."

The other teams that count with French drivers up to today are Epsilon Euskadi with Jean Christophe Ravier and R.C. Motorsport with Olivier Pla. J.C. Ravier made a great race at Zolder and does not want to get caught up in the classification by anyone; "The test was quite good in Magny Cours. We have opened our new technical facilities in Azkoitia (Guipuzcoa) and I'm very impressed. It is wonderful. I'm quite constant as a driver and I hope that I will give a lot of satisfactions to the team". According to Olivier Pla, this moment is excellent because "For me it is very important to participate in this Championship because the World Series by Nissan is the closest Series to F-1. Their drivers are very competitive and experienced, coming from F-1, and for me it has been quite difficult because I didn't have many opportunities for testing before I arrive".


Tomas Kostka (27-08-84) will race in Magny Cours with the RC Motorsport Team. This is the first time that a driver from the Check Republic enters the series.

Top World Series by Nissan team, Carlin Motorsport, has confirmed that Keohane's place may be in doubt as the racer signed a one-race deal. Carlin is already in talks with some drivers, and some are already in the Championship.

The World Series Light are going to be also quite exciting because there are 3 French drivers, Simon Abadie, Bastien Brière et Mathieu Lahaye, and two French teams: Epsilon by Graff and Saulnier Racing. The rivalry shown during past races has been the cause for drivers to be able to give an amazing show on the Magny-Cours' asphalt. Milos Pavlovic is still a strong leader in the 250 Hp category.

The third category, the Spanish Formula Junior Championship is having its single International meeting, with Marco Antonio Barba, it's driver on top of the provisional classification to gain some distance to the other rivals. No one knows if that is the way the race is going to develop, but on the other side, the general classification could perfectly tighten in order to end up with a vibrating equality.


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