Catalunya: Draco Racing interview with Manager Draco Nadia Morini

Interview of the Team Manager Draco Nadia Morini on the eve of the first race of the World Series by Renault Championship 2009 On the eve of the first race of World Series by Renault Championship 2009, Team Manager Draco Nadia Morini tells his...

Interview of the Team Manager Draco Nadia Morini on the eve of the first race of the World Series by Renault Championship 2009

On the eve of the first race of World Series by Renault Championship 2009, Team Manager Draco Nadia Morini tells his expectations and his thoughts in the interview below.

1. The 2009 season will begin with the first race in Barcelona this week-end. This year Draco Team shows the same drivers of last year: Bertrand Baguette and Marco Barba. Why this choice?

We reflected a lot and finally we decided to ask them again another season with us, for technical reasons that I can not explain both for reasons related to their future and their careers.

2. Same drivers but different livery. After 20 years of great successes, the Draco Team, presenting a novelty for the 2009 season that has surprised all people in the championship: the collaboration with Force India F.1. What does it mean this change for Draco?

We have the serenity of the green, the color of the earth, the grit of the orange and the power of the white, symbol of peace and union of two forces: India and Italy that are approaching. Yellow and blue will remain forever the symbol of Draco because they are part of a whole life, but there are decisions that are taken regardless of the colors for reasons related to the future of who is with us. We thought to our drivers and their careers will certainly be easier with this collaboration.

3. From the first collective test has already seen the great potential of Draco cars, we can think about the first absolute time of Marco Barba in Valencia. What are your expectations for the 2009 season?

I answer always aswer in the same way to this question: our goal is to win with grit, with strength and love. When I will can't say this, I will not go more on track, but today I still have so much strength inside and it is difficult to contain myself when I am on the circuit. Let's see ..Our drivers know that he must win.

4. Draco Team has always accompanied the drivers in their careers. But this year a structured program born and it is composed of different championships creating strong synergies between different Team: the "International Draco Racing Development". This program is composed of Romain Vozniak of the Facondini- Draco Team in the Formula Renault 2.0 Italia Championship and Johan Jokinen who will participate this year with Iquick in the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup.

Why Draco Team has decided to create this chain for young drivers and what are the expectations?

We want Draco alive over time. That is the reason because we created this develop drivers program, to see them grow, follow them and once again, as it has already happened several times in our history, we hope to find the "outstanding".

5. How the Draco Development program will evolve?

It is early to say this, we have to wait at least the first few races. We have a planning but we have to see how people to cooperate with us respond, even if the structures have the qualifications we want. The drivers included in the Draco school are always monitored and we are sure that important results will come.

6. One "scoop" of the moment in the world of Motorsport is the birth of a new category for the 2010 season: the GP3. I appears that the preferred route for drivers will consist of closely categories, that is F. BMW, GP3, GP2, and finally the much-dreamed F.1. World Series in this case would remain outside and with few drivers. A Team like Draco may be affected by these changes or does not have any fear, since the new development program that we have just talked about?

I think the leagues are made up Team, so if Word Series Team would be strong and professional, the GP3 will have his life and we the ours. What is really important is to choose how to make a championship by focusing on care of the drivers and their careers. There will always be drivers who will pass in F.1 to Word Series, how the can get from the future GP3 and others who will never go in this formula. Depends on the drivers because the must demonstrate their talent.

The mentioned route is just one example. The drivers of Formula Renault 2.0 championship arrive in World Series, and so another valid and strengthened route, formed of champioships with many years behind them, would be: Renault 2.0 National Championships - European Formula Renault 2.0 - World Series 3.5 - Formula 1. It is the same.

I want to bring back the words that the Renault Director Remi Deconinck said at a briefing held in Barcelona on this subject: "Renault was the first to want to make a chain for young drivers, many categories are created and finished, and we are still here. We know that this is a time of crisis but we are working hard to be close to the team and in line with the decisions that must be taken to ensure that the crisis passes. As demonstration of what I said, we announced the TV coverage of Eurosport Live for 2009 and beyond. In July, there will be a presentation to give the team the guidelines of the 2010 championship. Finally, we announce that in Barcelona we will present the new 2.0 and the Megane. We want to fight with even more force in this period."

After these words I can only add that the Draco fights together with Renault and RPM with passion and determination. And as Jaime Alguersuari, President of RPM Racing, sais: "I'm here and here I remain!"

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