Albacete qualifying notes (Lights)

1 November 2003 - Julian Vidot and Juan Alvarez have been the fastest drivers after the celebration of the two qualifying practices from the World Series Light in the Circuit of Albacete. With astonishing driving-style, in dry and wet...

1 November 2003 - Julian Vidot and Juan Alvarez have been the fastest drivers after the celebration of the two qualifying practices from the World Series Light in the Circuit of Albacete.

With astonishing driving-style, in dry and wet conditions, Alvarez will race tomorrow to defend his leadership, while Vidot will have an open door to battle for the Title. In the Formula Junior, Del Pino has demonstrated a strong pace by achieving both pole positions for tomorrow's races in this initialising category.

Julian Vidot will start in pole in the 1st race of World Series Light that will take place tomorrow at 11h00 (local time). The Epsilon by Graff driver is one of the four contenders for the Title's fight in this successful single-seater Series. The session, that lasted 30 minutes, was declared wet. At 10 minutes to the end, Alvarez putted a sensational strategy by entering the pits and swifted to slicks. Two minutes after the session was red flagged (incident, Donoso and Duno) and most of the drivers profited to do the same. It was enough for Vidot to achieve the pole. Cruz was finally second by 61 millesimes. Matteo was in the fight for the pole as well but he finished in third position. Pavlovic, second in the overall, was struggling with the throttle of the car.

Instead, the 2nd session of Qualifying practice took place under dry conditions. The 17-year old driver Juan Alvarez was the one to watch. He managed to lap 1.20.287 (158,7km/h), and again, will share the front row with Julian Vidot. Celso Miguez, also in the team of Alvarez, finished third, followed by Milos Pavlovic, the first driver that went over the 1.21 (1.21.070). Newcomer Sergio Hernandez was fifth and team RC Motorsport congratulate him at the end of the session for his promising debut.

Formula Nissan 2002 winner team, Meycom, will fight tomorrow to defend this top position from the second best, the French squad, Epsilon by Graff, also winner in 2001.


JULIAN VIDOT: "I'm proud to take the first pole but we still have to find a good dry set-up as we are not that competitive here in such conditions. Alvarez finished almost 5 tenths of a second in front"

JUAN ALVAREZ: "We did a very good strategy in Q1, but I found a lot of traffic when the session re-started. As for the second session, I think we really demonstrated that we are quick. This car can easily go below 1.19. "

MATTEO PELLEGRINO: "It's OK for the first Qualifying but I was hoping to go faster. Last week we were really competitive and it looks that there is a lack of something here."

Grid 1
Julian Vidot (Epsilon by Graff) 1.25.182
Juan Alvarez (Meycom Reyco) 1.25.243 (a 0.061)
Matteo Pellegrino (RC Motorsport) 1.25.572 (a 0.329)
Pablo Donoso (Vergani Formula) 1.25.834 (a 0.652)
Sergio Hernandez (RC Motorsport) 1.25.841 (a 0.659)
Adrián Vallés (Escuela Lois Circuit) 1.26.581 (a 1.399)
Celso Miguez (Meycom Reyco) 1.27.341 (a 2.159)
Mathias Lauda (Vergani Formula) 1.27.533 (a 2.351)
Alvaro Barba (Escuela Lois Circuit) 1.28.110 ( a 2.928)
Milos Pavlovic (Epsilon by Graff) 1.28.963 (a 3.781)

Grid 2
1.Juan Alvarez (Meycom Reyco) 1.20.287
2.Julien Vidot (Epsilon by Graff) 1.20.735 (a 0.448)
3.Celso Miguez (Meycom Reyco) 1.20.887 ( a 0.600)
4.Milos Pavlovic (Epsilon by Graff) 1.21.070 ( a 0.783)
5.Sergio Hernandez (RC Motorsport) 1.21.352 ( a 1.065)
6.Ananda Mikola (RC Motorsport) 1.21.375 ( a 1.088)
7.Adrian Valles (Escuela Lois Circuit) 1.21.621 ( a 1.334)
8.Pablo Donoso (Vergani Formula) 1.21.622 ( a 1.335)
9.Mateo Pellegrino (RC Motorsport) 1.21.830 ( a 1.543)
10.Alvaro Barba (Escuela Lois Circuit) 1.22.383 ( a 2.096)

PROVISIONALSTANDINGS: 1. Juan Alvarez, 158; 2. Milos Pavlovic, 117; 3. Julian Vidot, 114; 4. Adrian Vallés, 105; 5. Mateo Pellegrino, 83; 6. Celso Miguez, 82; 7. Pablo Donoso, 75; 8. Ananda Mikola, 68; 9. Mathias Lauda, 67; 10. Alvaro Barba, 55.


Juan Antonio del Pino (1.45.675) and Roldan Rodriguez (1.45.361) will start from P1 and P2 in the first race of the Formula Junior that takes place tomorrow at 10h00 The first session was declared wet. Although it was sunny in Albacete the water was everywhere in the track. Barba, Fernandez and Roldan Rodriguez were very competitive but the quickest driver after 30 minutes of session was Del Pino.

Alongside Rodriguez, these were the only ones registering laps in 1.45. The official Racc Motorsport-Circuit , Christian Cano (1.46.375), was the third quickest. The Belgian ace Michael Herck was eight fastest.

The times from Cerqueda were removed as he overtook a participant with yellow flag.

Dry session for the 2nd Qualifying and again Del Pino seemed unbeatable. Rodriguez will start from the second position. Carlos Alvarez (Repsol Racing for Spain4th in the overall standings, finished in third position. Race 2 starts at 12h30.

Giacomo Ricci, 4th best, heads the list of at least 10 drivers that were in fight for that position, demonstrating the equality of the yougest drivers in the SWSbN. His brother Pietro still 10th in the overall after missing three rounds.

Grid 2
Juan Antonio Del Pino (GTEC) 1.45.675
Roldan Rodriguez (Porfesa Competición) 1.45.961 (a 0.286)
Christian Cano (Racc Motorsport) 1.46.375 (a 0.700)
Marco Barba (Escuela Lois Circuit) 1.46.480 (a 0.805)
Javier Fernandez (HST Racing) 1.46.574 ( a 0.899)
Hector Suarez (Racc Motorsport) 1.46.685 (a 1.010)
Michael Herck (Junior Racing Team) 1.47.446 ( a 1.771)
Marcos de Diego (ECA Racing) 1.47.483 (a 1.808)
Arturo Llobell (Escuela Lois Circuit) 1.47.558 ( a 1.883)
Giacomo Ricci (Cibiemme) 1.47.593 (a 1.918)

Grid 3
Juan Antonio del Pino (G_TEC) 1.35.158
Roldan Rodriguez (Porfesa Competición) 1.35.515 (a 0.357)
Carlos Alvarez (Repsol Racing for Spain) 1.35.849 ( a 0.691)
Giacomo Ricci (Cibiemme) 1.36.037 (a 0.879)
Carlos Gonzalez (Cracs) 1.36.318 (a 1.160)
Victor Jaouen (Porfesa Competición) 1.36.348 ( a 1.190)
Marco Barba (Escuela Lois Circuit) 1.36.373 ( a 1.215)
Hector Suarez (Racc Motorsport) 1.36.518 (a 1.360)
Arturo Llobell (Escuela Lois Circuit) 1.36.737 (a 1.579)
Javier Fernandez (HST Racing) 1.36.806 ( a 1.648)

STANDINGS: 1. Juan Antonio del Pino, 81 puntos; 2. Christian Cano, 58; 3. Giacomo Ricci, 50; 4. Carlos Gonzalez, 35; 5. Victor Jaouen, 30; 6. Arturo Llobell, 26; 7. Javier Fernandez, 24; 8. Roldan Rodriguez, 18; 9. Riccardo Messa, 18; 10. Pietro Ricci, 17.


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