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Adrian Valles: Happy to be in the World Series Light "I'm hunger to compete" Barcelona, 3 June 2003 - The 17 years old Spanish driver, Adrian Valles is now in the orbit of Renault F1 team within Renault Driver Development Program. Adrian will...

Adrian Valles: Happy to be in the World Series Light
"I'm hunger to compete"

Barcelona, 3 June 2003 - The 17 years old Spanish driver, Adrian Valles is now in the orbit of Renault F1 team within Renault Driver Development Program. Adrian will compete with the team Escuela Lois Circuit in this year's edition of the World Series Light that will blast off in Monza the next 22 of June. After wining the Spanish Formula Junior 1600 championship last year, Adrian hopes that this new category will give him the opportunity to prove that he is one of the great promises of the Spanish motor sport.

Q: What is your opinion of the new Dallara single sitter for the World Series Light?

AV: I've liked what I've seen, is a very nice car. It's almost like the single sitter for the World Series, so it will be really thrilling to run with it.

Q: What is your personal goal for this category?

AV: To win.

Q: How do you think the challenge with the other drivers will be to win the World Series Light?

AV: It will be a very equal category because in the World Series Light there are so many good drivers like the Argentinean Juan Cruz or Mathias Lauda and of course, my team mate Alvaro Barba, who will be also in the fight for the tittle.

Q: What are the advantages that you find in the creation of a category like the World Series Light for drivers of your age?

AV: I find a lot of advantages, for example, a category like this can open you many doors to higher categories. For me, competing in the World Series Light is a step I have to take to be in the World Series with the great drivers of this Series.

Q: After wining the Spanish Formula Junior Championship, do you feel like you're totally prepared to give the next step to a higher and more powerful category?

AV: Sure. I've already had a few experiences with a bigger engine last year when I competed in three races of the Formula Nissan 2000. It went really good. I've reached the podium twice and I also got a pole position. Anyway, I think that it will be the same for everybody because the car is new and we will have to adapt to it.

Q: Last year we saw an Adrian Valles that amazed everyone with his talented way of driving, especially the experts on motor sport. How will you define the Adrian Valles that will see in 2003?

AV: You will see a driver hunger to compete. I'm really anxious to start the competition. I want to step in the car right now. My expectation is to be better or at least as good as last year. I had already reach the record of the Valencian Circuit testing with the old car. I lapped 1'28.9. Almost two tenths below the last record from Juan Cruz.

Q: In this moment the revelation team of the Formula 1, Renault, has taken you under their Renault Driver Development Program. How do you feel with this experience?

AV: I feel really good. I'm very amazed. The people in Renault noticed me thanks to my step in the intermediate category of the World Series. They gave me a contract for ten years and they put me under their program that had helped me a lot on my physical preparation. They are doing a really good job on me.

Q: What is the main goal you have before you turn 20 years -old?

AV: What every driver wants: to jump in a Formula 1, but that is really hard. Everything depends on my performances in the next three seasons. At the moment I hope to win the World Series Light so that next year, I will be in the World Series.

Q: We know the Adrian Valles of the circuits, but how is Adrian Valles at home?

AV: Very normal. I wake up in the morning and I go straight to the gym for about three hours. After that I test with a kart and then I take lessons in Language and Maths. I don't go to school like everyone else because I have to miss so much. That is why I have a special program designed to continue my studies and spend the time I need for racing and testing.

Q: How do you handle that of being a promise of the Spanish motor sport after the great achievements of Gene and Alonso?

AV: I can not say that I consider myself as a promise, although I have to say that I'm on it so that one day I get to be a great driver. People haven't noticed yet all that I can give. Anyway, I think that I'm far from where Gene and Alonso are. They are great drivers and I have still lots of work to do. If I work well and give it a try it will be better for me.

Q: What is your impression on Fernando Alonso performance in Monaco?

AV: I think that he did great. A fifth position in Monaco is an excellent result. It was incredible because Fernando started from the 8th position and he managed to overtake Barrichello and Coulthard. Monaco is a circuit where it's very difficult to overtake for anyone. I'm sure that Fernando could have jumped to the podium if he had done better on Saturday in the final qualifying.

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