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Jim Clark, Lotus 18 - Climax, receives a bottle of Champagne Crash, Stefan Bellof, Maurer MM82-BMW
Stefan Bellof, Maurer MM83-BMW
Niki Lauda, March 712M - Cosworth with Dieter Quester, March 712M - BMW Kourosh Khani
Christopher Zanella Christopher Zanella
Kourosh Khani Plamen Kralev
Daniel Mckenzie Kourosh Khani
Kourosh Khani Mauro Calamia
Parthiva Sureshwaren Christopher Zanella
Hector Hurst Mihai Marinescu
Samuele Buttarelli Samuele Buttarelli
David Zhu David Zhu
Markus Pommer Christopher Zanella
Jose Luis Abadin Samuele Buttarelli
Alex Fontana David Zhu
Luciano Bacheta Mauro Calamia
Markus Pommer Parthiva Sureshwaren
Luciano Bacheta Mauro Calamia
Jose Luis Abadin Samuele Buttarelli
Alex Fontana Luciano Bacheta
F2 pit board Daniel Mckenzie
Parthiva Sureshwaren Markus Pommer
Dino Zamparelli Hector Hurst
David Zhu
Christopher Zanella