Tech Bites: CFD - side wind, spinning car - Sauber F1 Team

CAUTION! Watch at your own risk! This video may be addictive!Watch, learn and discuss! It's short, but it provides great insights and plenty of room for discussion! And we even added some cool sound this time.This animation shows the simulation of a car facing wind from the left. The car itself is basically stationary (no forward movement), but spinning around its center. This study was part of a safety check when regulations changed to ensure that the car wouldn't lift from the ground even when out of control. If you like this, we might come up with more similar tech bites.CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a great tool which is not only used for aerodynamic research, but also for simulations of all kinds of fluids in the race cars. Different from the wind tunnel, CFD also allows to calculate and simulate temperatures. The two complement each other perfectly.
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Video by Sauber F1 Team
Duration 01:22
Series Formula 1
Teams Sauber
Tags cfd, f1, formula one, sauber, side wind

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