(Re)START YOUR ENGINES - the Sauber F1 Team 2015 Season Trailer


Let the 2015 Formula One World Championship begin!

All members of the Sauber F1 Team worked very hard towards one goal: to get the Sauber C34-Ferrari on the race track and make it as reliable and fast as possible!

We did it! Pre-season testing already proved our race car's reliability. It's speed will be tested during the Formula 1 Grands Prix around the world.

This video is a THANK YOU to everyone back home at the factory in Hinwil, Switzerland. A THANK YOU to the members of our race team. A THANK YOU to our many fans around the globe. And a THANK YOU to our team partners.

We couldn't do this without the amazing support of you all!

About this video
Video by Sauber F1 Team
Duration 01:47
Series Formula 1
Tags c34, sauber

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