Lewis Hamilton Interviewed by James Corden | Forever Faster

How many questions can Lewis Hamilton answer whilst driving one lap at full speed around a race track? Comedian James Corden sits down with Formula One racer, Lewis Hamilton, who proceeds to accelerate their interview location to nearly more than 150mph. Strapped into a Mercedes, Corden is tasked with asking as many questions as possible in one lap. And given Hamilton’s track record, that isn’t a lot of time.We’re not sure which is screeching louder: the tyres or Corden. Corden is, however, able to make it through the interview in one piece, having asked 18 questions. And while we now know Hamilton’s favourite movie and his preference for boxers or briefs, what became clear was Hamilton is Forever Faster. Not just fast. Faster. Faster is more determined. It trusts its instincts, not the rules. It’s brave. It’s confident. Faster reminds the world what it means to play. Then wins it all, breaks records, breaks them again, and takes a victory lap.
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Video by PUMA
Duration 02:29
Series Formula 1
Drivers Lewis Hamilton
Tags sports

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