Cutaway Insights - Episode 8: Pedals - Sauber F1 Team

Did you know that F1 drivers brake from over 300 kph to under 100 kph in 2 seconds over a distance of 120 metres? And did you know that within this very short period, they have to carefully release the brake as the car slows down and, therefore, less downforce is generated? In this episode of our Cutaway Insights series Esteban Gutiérrez talks about the pedals... Enjoy!For each of the 15 'shorties' of this series, we will pick one particular car part or subject and Chief Designer Matt Morris, Nico Hülkenberg or Esteban Gutiérrez will give a brief explanation about how stuff works and what it does.
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Video by Sauber F1 Team
Duration 01:53
Series Formula 1
Teams Sauber
Tags cutaway insights, f1, formula one, pedals, sauber

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