Catacombs & Futebol - 2016 Monaco Grand Prix - Sauber F1 Team


É do Brasil! :-) Felipe Nasr followed the invitation to play at the World Stars Football Match which was held for the 24th time this year. Every year, current and former (F1) racing drivers (Nazionale Piloti) play against the Star Team from Monaco, including Prince Albert II. And guess who won?!?

The drivers won 3:1 with “Superman” Alonso scoring two fantastic goals! Felipe usually plays in the midfield or in the forward line but tried his skills as a defense player this time.

It was by no means a coincidence that the drivers won as they were coached by Claudio Ranieri. Yep, the same Claudio Ranieri who just led Leicester City to winning the Premier League. “Earned, not bought” – well done! And wouldn't that be a great motto for Formula One as well? ;-)

But first, Felipe had to get to the stadium! And that's quite a challenge, too. Follow us for a ride through the "catacombs" (or tunnels) of Monte Carlo!

About this video
Video by Sauber F1 Team
Duration 01:43
Series Formula 1
Event Monaco GP
Track Monte Carlo
Drivers Felipe Nasr
Teams Sauber
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