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Mercedes W08 shark fin exhaust, captioned Ferrari SF16-H tradle
Ferrari SF71H floor Ferrari SF71H diffuser extra exit
Ferrari SF71H floor Mercedes W09 front top view
McLaren MCL32 Halo cockpit Ferrari SF71H side pods
Toro Rosso STR13 halo fin Mercedes GP W01 airbox comparison to Ferrari F2003-GA
Sauber C37 cooling inlets Sauber C37 cooling inlets
Ferrari SF71H side pods Mercedes F1 W09 turning vanes
McLaren MCL32, Front wing, United States GP McLaren MCL32, Launch nose
Williams FW40 lower T-wing Ferrari SF70H Push pick up
Ferrari SF70H sidepod and regulation changes since 2011 Mercedes W08 and Toro Rosso STR12 front suspension designs
Evolution of the Mercedes W08 nose in 2017 McLaren MCL32, Fernando Alonso's steering wheel
Evolution of the Mercedes W08 nose in 2017 McLaren MCL32 launch nose and Williams FW40 launch nose
McLaren MCL32 launch nose Force India VJM10 engine cover, Singapore GP, captioned
Mercedes W08 compressor detailed Mercedes F1 W08 barge board
Mercedes F1 W08, nose back Haas F1 VF-17, t-wing
Red Bull RB11 nose Red Bull RB11 front wing comparison
Red Bull RB11 brake duct and front calipers design Williams FW36 twisted suspension element (forms part of the brake duct stack)
Red Bull RB10 monkey seat (older specification for comparison) Ferrari 059/3 powerunit exhaust layout (Marrusia inset, with wrapped exhaust headers)
Toro Rosso STR7 sidepod, note size of undercut (arrow) Toro Rosso STR7 front brake assembly (note new caliper position at back of disc)
Sauber C31 'S' duct detail Red Bull RB8 exhaust solution favoured by Vettel
Red Bull RB8 exhaust comparison, arrows show deviation of exhaust plume depending on configuration McLaren MP4-27 front wing (pre Silverstone specification)
Sauber C29 under chassis turning vanes Mercedes W01 front wing (BrawnGP BGP001 for comparison)
Ferrari F10 front wing changes (upper inset older specification) Driver operated fluidic switch for F-Duct, banned from 2010
Renault R29 2009 engine and cooling detail Renault R29 2009 diffuser development