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Keke Rosberg, Williams FW07C-Ford Cosworth Keke Rosberg, Williams FW08 Ford
Gilles Villeneuve Jacques Laffite leads Marc Surer, Brian Henton and Jochen Mass
Jan Lammers' Theodore in the pits Chico Serra
Brian Henton Podium: race winner Michele Alboreto, Tyrell Ford, World Champion Keke Rosberg, Williams Ford
Elio De Angelis Bruno Giacomelli
Jacques Laffite Podium: Race winner Niki Lauda, McLaren Ford; second place Keke Rosberg, Williams Ford; third place Gilles Villeneuve, Ferrari
Michele Alboreto, Tyrrell Racing 011 Ford
Eddie Cheever Keke Rosberg
Derek Warwick Michele Alboreto, Tyrrell Racing 011 Ford
Niki Lauda Michele Alboreto, Tyrrell Racing 011 Ford
Alain Prost Fittipaldi pit area
Patrick Tambay Jacques Laffite
Patrick Tambay John Watson
Renault F1 pit area Gilles Villeneuve, Ferrari 126C2
Chico Serra Teo Fabi
Arrows pit area
Niki Lauda, McLaren with Bernie Ecclestone and John Barnard, McLaren designer Jacques Laffite
Nigel Mansell Ron Dennis, McLaren-Ford Cosworth, with his drivers Niki Lauda (left) and John Watson
McLaren chief designer John Barnard stands by a McLaren MP4/1B Ford Jochen Mass
Ferrari team-mates Didier Pironi and Gilles Villeneuve Nigel Mansell, Lotus 91-Ford, talks to the British press including Nigel Roebuck, Murray Walker, John Blunsden, Maurice Hamilton and Innes Ireland
Start: René Arnoux, Renault RE30B and teammate Alain Prost, Renault RE30B lead the rest of the field Gilles Villeneuve, Ferrari 126C2
Crash, Chico Serra, Fittipaldi F8D-Ford Cosworth Roberto Guerrero, Ensign N181 Ford
Keke Rosberg, Williams John Watson, McLaren MP4B Ford
John Watson, McLaren MP4/1B-Ford Cosworth leads Andrea de Cesaris, Alfa Romeo 182 Niki Lauda, McLaren MP4B Ford