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Chronological Formula 1 photos :

Graham Hill, BRM P57 Graham Hill, BRM P57 and Jim Clark, Lotus 25 Climax
Doug Serrurier, LDS Mk1 Alfa Romeo leads Innes Ireland, Lotus 24 Climax Lotus 25 1962 exploded monocoque overview
Ricardo Rodriguez, Ferrari Jim Clark, Lotus 25-Climax
Phil Hill, Ferrari Dino 156, takes a wide line through Tarzan Corner while Trevor Taylor, Lotus 24-Climax, Ricardo Rodriguez, Ferrari Dino 156, and Jack Brabham, Lotus 24-Climax, are on the inside Masten Gregory, Lotus 18 Climax, leads Ricardo Rodriguez, Ferrari Dino 156
Jack Brabham, Brabham BT3 Tony Shelly, Lotus 18/21
Bruce McLaren, Cooper T60 Climax Dan Gurney, Porsche
Tony Maggs, Cooper T60-Climax leads Maurice Trintignant, Lotus 24-Climax View from the pits to Eau Rouge
Ricardo Rodriguez leads his Ferrari team-mate Phil Hill into Eau Rouge Jim Clark, Lotus 25 Climax takes the chequered flag
Graham Hill, BRM talks with Stirling Moss