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John Surtees, Cooper T81, with Jim Clark, Lotus 43-BRM H16, on the podium Graham Hill, BRM P261 gives Peter Arundell a lift back
Jim Clark, Lotus 43 BRM takes the chequered flag Peter Arundell, Lotus 33, Jim Clark
Bernard Collomb Bruce McLaren, McLaren M2B
Bruce McLaren, McLaren M2B Bruce McLaren, McLaren M2B
Jack Brabham Dan Gurney
Dan Gurney aviates his Eagle-Climax T1G past the remains of a crashed touring-car at Bruennchen Polesetter Jim Clark, Lotus, John Surtees, Cooper, Jackie Stewart, BRM, and Ludovico Scarfiotti, Ferrari made it on to the front row of the grid
A Cooper-Maserati T81 Lorenzo Bandini, Ferrari 312
Ludovico Scarfiotti, Ferrari 312 Jack Brabham, Brabham BT19
Bruce McLaren, McLaren M2B-Ford Lorenzo Bandini, Ferrari 312
David Phipps and Jim Clark
Lorenzo Bandini, Ferrari 158/246 leads Graham Hill, BRM P261