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Daan Kersten, CEO of Additive Industries, and Pascal Picci, CEO of Sauber Holding AG Ronnie van Grotel (Service Engineer, Additive Industries), Irina Schatorjé (Marketing Manager, Additive Industries), Axe Kruse (Production Director, Sauber Motosport AG), Christoph Hansen (Chief Wind Tunnel Production, Sauber Motorsport AG), Daan Kersten (co-founder/CEO, Additive Industries), Jonas Wintermans (co-founder/COO, Additive Industries), Pascal Picci (Chairman, Sauber Holding AG), Frederik Ulfsäter (Advisor to the board, Sauber Motorsport AG), Martijn Hamers (Manager Customer Lifecycle Support, Additive Industries), Steffen Schrodt (Head of Wind Tunnel Operations, Sauber Motorsport AG), Enrico Brunner (Manufacturing Operator, Sauber Motorsport AG), Marco Gehrig (Leader Metal AM, Sauber Motorsport AG), Marcelo Orchis (Partnership Manager, Sauber Motorsport AG)
Axel Kruse, Sauber Additive Industries and Sauber Motorsport AG representatives
Additive Industries 3D printing machine Daan Kersten, Additive Industries