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Chronological Formula 1 photos :

Lotus E20 top view, launch car Lotus E20 front brake brake & suspension adjustment
Lotus E20 front suspension detail (push rod adjustment inset) Lotus E20 periscope style exhausts
Lotus E20 side view Lotus E20 top view
Lotus E20 side view Lotus E20 front wing
DUPLICATE: Lotus E20 front wing Lotus E20 new diffuser & rear wing endplates (blue arrows depict outwash)
Lotus E20 diffuser outwash detail Lotus E20 DRD (Drag Reduction Device) Internal pipework works like a fluidic switch, at low speed it ejects out of the main cooling outlet (red arrows), at high speed it ejects out of pylon to 'stall' the rear wing and reduce drag (blue arrow)
Lotus E20 nose, various pillar solutions in use (note yellow dotted line) Lotus E20 low downforce rear wing
Lotus E20 DRD (Drag Reduction Device) inset with main image for comparison.  Under normal conditions airflow is ejected out of the main outlet (red arrows), once speed builds air is passed out of periscope (blue arrows) causing flow seperation and the win Lotus E20 'Coanda' exhaust solution (older periscope version, inset)
Lotus E20 gearbox and rear suspension Lotus E20 reactive front suspension braking system, subsequently banned
DUPLICATE: Lotus E20 reactive front suspension, subsequently banned Lotus E20 side view
DUPLICATE: Lotus E20 side view Lotus E20 steering wheel (note small paddle inset)
Lotus E20 top view