Wolff says Formula 1 refuelling return will be ditched if costs are too high

Mercedes-Benz motorsport boss Toto Wolff says the return of refuelling to Formula 1 will not happen if it proves to be too expensive.

Despite F1's Strategy Group having voted in favour of bringing back refuelling for 2017 as part of a move to make the sport more exciting, he is aware that there could be unintended consequences.

That is why a working group will be set up to evaluate the implications of refuelling's return, and especially whether it is cost-effective to do it.

When refuelling was last banned at the end of 2009 one of the reasons for doing it alongside safety was that it was so expensive to ship the equipment and extra personnel around the world.

Speaking to the BBC, Wolff said: "Refuelling was banned because of cost and because the pit stops were taking too long.

"But we want to re-explore it and see if we can make pit stops for fuel and tyres happen in the same time it takes to change the tyres now - two to three seconds.

"We have agreed to explore this avenue and the cost involved because it could be spectacular. If it's too expensive, we won't do it."

More spectacular design

Wolff added that there was a real appetite to make F1 cars look much more aggressive, but more studies would be needed to work out what to do.

"For now, it will be an evolution of the current cars," he said. "But there is an appetite for more spectacular aero kit.

"We want to follow this up but at the moment we will go for evolution and that gives us six months to agree on a more spectacular design."

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