Williams takes F1 technology to the supermarket

Williams Advanced Engineering, a division of the British team, is taking Formula 1 technology to the supermarket aisle.

The company has announced a collaboration with UK start-up Aerofoil Energy to develop a new aerodynamic device that it says will reduce the energy consumed by refrigerators in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Williams and Aerofoil are designing a retrofittable aerofoil system that attaches onto each refrigerator shelf to keep more of the cool air inside the refrigerator cabinet, thus saving energy.

"This innovative technology will result in significant energy savings for supermarkets and convenience stores, with corresponding benefits for their carbon footprint," said Williams in a statement.

The team said supermarkets are already evaluating the new technology with promising results.

"Williams Advanced Engineering's mantra is to take the best of Formula 1 technology and know-how and work with a range of industries to help improve their products and services," said Craig Wilson, managing director of Williams Advanced Engineering.

"Much of our work focuses on improving energy efficiency and the collaboration with Aerofoil Energy is a perfect example of how Formula 1 innovations can have a tangible benefit to ordinary people and the environment.

"This technology has global potential and the savings in operational costs and emissions are extremely promising."


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