Why history isn't in Kubica's favour on his F1 comeback quest

Esteemed driver coach Rob Wilson explains why recapturing past glories is much harder than you think when it comes to make a comeback at the top level.

The challenge when you return to racing after some time away is you forget just how many things had to go in your favour to be successful. You convince yourself that, somehow, it was all down to you outdriving people, but there are a lot of things that have to be right for you to be in a winning position.

Very few people have ever won the world championship in anything but the best car. From 2000 to '04, Michael Schumacher had the best car on the Bridgestone tyres, he dominated the team and he won. Of course, he was a great driver, but when he came back in '10, even his brother Ralf wasn't convinced about the wisdom of the move.

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Series Formula 1
Drivers Robert Kubica
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