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What F1 is trying to prevent with its 2021 rules

Pat Symonds explains in detail the thinking behind the planned shake-up for Formula 1 in 2021, and highlights the current problems that must not be repeated.

It's often said that the Friday of a grand prix weekend brings little of interest to the fans, and that it serves merely as a platform for teams to tune their machines towards nirvana in splendid semi-isolation. You wouldn't place the Friday of the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix in that category, since before a single car turned a wheel Formula 1, the group formerly known as Formula One Management, outlined to the teams their vision for the future of the sport.

While only the teams were party to the full details of the plan that weekend, the press release from Formula 1 gives an insight into how 2021 will become a watershed for the sport. By examining the key strategic initiatives announced that day, and by considering the various comments made by stakeholders over the past few months, it's possible to get a reasonably clear picture of the direction in which the commercial rights holders would like to take the sport.

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