Webber rues loss of F1's flag-waving tradition


As F1 tries to improve itself with better promotion, more overtaking and a glitzier 'show', Mark Webber has rued one element missing from today's era.

Podium: second place Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing
Podium: second place Mark Webber, Red Bull Racing

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The Australian admitted that he would like drivers to be allowed to hold and wave a national flag from their cockpits after winning a race.

"That was beautiful," said Webber, referring to the practice that was banned some years ago on safety grounds as well as in deference to the sport's now strict post-race procedures.

But he argues: "It was always a great moment to watch Ayrton Senna with the Brazilian flag and Nigel Mansell with the Union Jack. It was a good message for the sport and the fans -- and it looked great and showed passion.

"Now the winning procedure is to take off the helmet, hurry on to the podium, hurry off the podium - boom, boom, boom - and then we go home," the Red Bull driver told F1's official website.

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