Webber: F1 must give Halo more time

Former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber thinks it wrong for anyone to get entrenched about their opinions on the Halo right now, because so much more work is needed.

The first public appearance of the Halo concept on the Ferraris during last week's pre-season F1 testing led to divided opinion in the paddock, with some drivers backing the idea and others being more critical.

Lewis Hamilton even went as far as suggesting it was the 'worst' modification that there had been in the history of F1.

Webber, who has just been announced as an F1 expert for Channel 4's new F1 coverage, says he fully understands both arguments about the Halo.

However, he says people must give it more time for the aesthetics to be honed.

"It's really 50/50, isn't it? And I'm not surprised," he said, when asked by Motorsport.com for his views during a press launch for C4's new F1 coverage.

"We have just gone through a really tough run of bad accidents... a lot of tragic stories here. So we can't sit on our hands and say we shouldn't learn from any of these scenarios.

"With the Halo, it was an extremely open first attempt at trying to protect a lot of the scenarios we saw.

"Would it protect Felipe's [Massa] issue? There might still be a window for something like that to happen. Is it the entrant step to finally be fully closed? Could well be. But I think you're always going to be divided on it. "

Safety wins

Webber, who was a pallbearer at Justin Wilson's funeral, says that safety has to be the over-riding winner in the debate, even if other issues need resolving in the short term.

"I'm a purist," he said. "If you look at the motorbike guys, they can't believe what we're doing. But in the end it's got to be so safe.

"And that's always again the balancing act, isn't it? It's tricky - I can't give you an answer, mate.

"I carried Justin Wilson's coffin, I don't want that to happen again but... you take that [Halo] system to Eau Rouge as well, the viewing, we know with the sportscar it's very tricky to see in certain corners and profiles.

"So I think it's an evolving situation. It's very emotional, a hot topic. But I think some sense will come with the aesthetics and... I believe it's a halfway step but it's a hard balance."

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