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Video: F1's 2017 and current cars compared


Formula 1's 2016 cars may not have been finished yet, but teams are already hard at work in preparing for the radical overhaul that is coming in 2017.

After a request from F1's chiefs to make cars around five seconds per lap quicker, teams recently agreed on a set of rules for wider cars, different sized wings and bigger tyres.

On the back of his recent illustration of what a 2017 car might looks like,'s technical editor Giorgio Piola has now produced a video to show how it compares to a current car.

As you can see in the below video, the changes in dimension – especially in regards to the front and rear wings – means the 2017 cars will take on a distinct look.

More details of the technical changes can be found here.


Good for sport

F1 team bosses have welcomed the fact that the rules being adopted will deliver the step forward in speed hoped for.

McLaren racing director Eric Boullier believes that the increase in challenge drivers will face should rekindle their love of the sport – which will be positive for everyone.

"Of course. I love it," Boullier told about the 2017 car. "Maybe I am an engineer first, but I remember the first time I saw an F1 car I was impressed by the speed of the car itself, and the capacity of the braking, which we lost a little bit.

"To have the car faster is good. Drivers will love it – and if they love it they will have more positive comments in the media - which the fans will be happy to hear."

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