Video analysis: Just how tough F1's new Halo is


When Formula 1's 2018 cars begin getting revealed later this month, it is inevitable that there will again be a fan backlash against the Halo.

The FIA's decision to make the cockpit protection system mandatory from this year led to an outcry among leading F1 figures and those who follow the sport last year – because, quite simply, it looks so unappealing.

But amid the consensus that it will make F1 cars ugly, it is all too easy to forget that there is a justifiable reason why the Halo is coming: it's to help protect the drivers.

As Giorgio Piola's exclusive animation shows, the Halo has been designed to withstand the kind of extreme forces from debris that could seriously injure or kill a driver were he to be hit on the head.

The Halo has to withstand a force from the front of 83kN, and a lateral load of 93kN – which are more than car roll hoops have had to withstand in recent years.

Furthermore, the aim is that the Halo can fend off a strike by a 20kg object – like a wheel – that hits it at around 225km/h. 


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