Vettel repeats F1 driver strike threat


Sebastian Vettel has repeated his threat to front a Formula One driver strike.

Vettel again warns for drivers´ strike
Vettel again warns for drivers´ strike

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Before Melbourne, the world champion had raised his fears that the return of KERS and the new adjustable rear wings had increased the workload of the drivers to a new level of danger.

A director of the F1 drivers' union GPDA, the 23-year-old has now repeated his threat that - as a last resort - the drivers could refuse to race.

"If the situation worsens to the point of becoming dangerous, I think we have the power to voice our position," he told the Sunday edition of German daily Die Welt.

Vettel admitted that the last resort "is where we do not race if a dangerous situation is not changed".

"In the meantime, we will open our mouths and speak with the international federation to find a reasonable solution," he added.

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