Vettel "obstinate" upon arrival at Ferrari - Arrivabene

Ferrari has revealed that Sebastian Vettel was originally obstinate about how things should be done when he arrived at Maranello, but quickly changed his attitude.

The four-time champion has played a key role in transforming fortunes at Maranello, with his three victories for the Italian team having laid the platform for a potential title challenge in 2016.

Reflecting on the role that Vettel has played, team principal Maurizio Arrivabene said that there was a period of readjustment to his new environment as both driver and team got to know each other.

"He's a guy who jumped into the world of Ferrari, really 360-degrees," said Arrivabene. "He didn't arrive with the look of the four-time world champion, but with the attitude of a normal person.

"I must say I've seen many qualities in him. At first, he was obstinate on certain details, but then, when he started to learn more about the Ferrari, he realised it was a great company, with a great team.

"All the boys want very well to work with him and they know how to love each other."

New environment

When asked for more explanation of in what areas Vettel was obstinate, Arrivabene said: "When you're very attentive to detail and do not know the company well, maybe you think that talking about your past experience, you can bring something useful. But it was not so.

"I think that for him this was a lesson that helped him to integrate even more. After all, I can tell you that it is a mistake I made myself at the beginning.

"I thought I would get to Maranello and change so many things. And, instead, the first thing to do was to try to understand where I was.

"When I realised, I just said one moment, 'here is a company with a great history. The thing I can do is just know it well and then try to give my contribution in the knowledge of adding just one line in a book that was written by a certain Enzo Ferrari."

Raikkonen relationship key

Arrivabene has also said that one of the more positive factors of the season too has been how his relationship with Kimi Raikkonen had panned out.

"The most important thing is that he also has a great relationship with Kimi," he explained. "The beauty is that even though he was well integrated in Maranello, he didn't create a wall with the other driver.

"To Austin they travelled together, and sometimes they do that. And often they exchange information in the briefing, which is helping a lot."

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