Vettel crash provides front wing flex clue - report


Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing
Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing

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According to one F1 correspondent, Sebastian Vettel's slippery slide into the wall on Friday revealed a hidden secret of his dominant Red Bull car.

The team's rivals are yet to uncover the mystery of how the RB7 passes the ever-stricter flexibility tests whilst the front wing still so obviously bends towards the track.

It is believed teams including Ferrari and Mercedes are getting closer to the mystery, but the damage to Vettel's wing incurred by his Istanbul practice crash might have provided yet another clue.

El Pais correspondent Oriol Puigdemont wrote from Turkey that unidentified wires or cables were seen dangling from the upright supports after the main element of the front wing broke off following Vettel's crash.

The cables were "the beginning of much speculation", claimed Puigdemont, acknowledging that the wires could simply be for observation cameras placed around the car by the team.

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