Verstappen says Vettel "a very frustrated guy"

Max Verstappen has labeled Sebastian Vettel a "very frustrated guy" after the Ferrari driver's complaints during the Mexican Grand Prix.

Vettel was extremely angry at Verstappen at the end of the race when the Red Bull driver did not give up his position after he had cut across the first corner when defending from the German.

Verstappen was given a five-second penalty after the race, dropping him from third to fifth and elevating Vettel to the podium.

Before that, however, Vettel was furious on the radio, insulting both Verstappen and race director Charlie Whiting.

The four-time champion had earlier this weekend called Fernando Alonso an "idiot" and Carlos Sainz "stupid", and also insulted Felipe Massa during the race as they battled for position.

Verstappen said Vettel, who is under investigation for moving under braking when defending from Daniel Ricciardo, has to "go back to school".

"At least I can do it in a good way, he doesn't know how to do it because it's ridiculous what he did," said Verstappen of Vettel's move under braking.

"Daniel is alongside him, and he just turned into him. They touched, and then he just starts shouting on the radio. I don't know how many times he's using bad language in general.

"I think he has to go back to school or something to get some language.

"I will speak to him, because this is just ridiculous the way he's handling it. He's always so frustrated, the whole weekend he's shouting on the weekend.

"In the end he's just a very frustrated guy at the moment."

Penalty unfair

The Dutchman said the move he was penalised for was the same Lewis Hamilton had not been investigated for at the start of the race, when the Briton also cut through the first corner.

"I think it's pretty similar to what happened on Lap 1, corner one. Lewis went off, he gained a massive advantage," Verstappen said.

"Nico [Rosberg] also went off in Turn 1 when we have touched and he also gained an advantage. I didn't even gain an advantage, I was still ahead under the braking, when I came back on the track I was staying the same length in front.

"So, yeah, I think it's ridiculous. They thought I had to give it back, but it was never confirmed.

"I was not backing him up, I was trying to do the best I could.

"If they don't give [Nico] a penalty for that, don't give me a penalty at the end of the race."

Additional reporting by Andrew van Leeuwen

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