At home with Valtteri Bottas: How he's targeting F1's jackpot

As calm out of the cockpit as he is within it, this man is a true product of his Finnish hometown - as Anthony Peacock learned on a visit to Nastola for the Valtteri Bottas Duathlon...

There's a long main road stretching far into the distance, so similar to many others in Finland - dead straight, with just the occasional logging truck to overtake - lined by the ubiquitous pine trees, brooding lakes and little red log cabins: a Sibelius symphony framed within an archetypal landscape.

The sun is setting and there's not a soul to be seen: during the Finnish summer, 8pm is appointed sauna time. Everything stops in a haze of steam and quiet contemplation.

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Series Formula 1
Drivers Valtteri Bottas
Teams Mercedes
Article type Interview