RALF SCHUMACHER (BMW WilliamsF1): "This is my first time to Indianapolis. I have been in Florida, New York, Las Vegas, Utah and Kansas on private visits." (About the circuit): "I just saw the race circuit. I just arrived last night. I can't ...

RALF SCHUMACHER (BMW WilliamsF1): "This is my first time to Indianapolis. I have been in Florida, New York, Las Vegas, Utah and Kansas on private visits."

(About the circuit): "I just saw the race circuit. I just arrived last night. I can't really say anything about it."

(About the race): "I've heard everything is sold out on Sunday. If it is rumor or truth, I do not know. That is a good sign for us. I just hope that we entertain the American crowd well. I mean, maybe it rains, so they can see we race in the rain, as well. That would be something new to them. It should be good."

(About history of Indy): "To be honest, I do not have much interest. I do not know much about the Indianapolis history. For me, it is just exciting to come here to America and basically see how we are received here and drive a type of circuit like we have never driven before."

(How do you prepare for new track): "Basically, what we do is jump in a road car and go around to learn the circuit itself. Then we wait to get a chance to drive it in a Formula One car. There is nothing special we do ahead. I have been around it. I think it is a good compromise between high speed and low speeds. Some areas are very slow. Therefore others are very quick. I think the problem we are going to find is to adapt between them."

(About other American sports): I must admit I don't follow other motorsports. That has nothing to do with arrogance or something like that, but I have enough racing every second week. I read the results in papers, obviously."

(About Juan Montoya as teammate in 2001): "I know him from F3000 as a driver. Personally, I have never met him. Obviously, he is a very strong and quick driver. Otherwise he couldn't go to America and win in his first year."

(About fame): "It is a great thing to come over here and not be recognized anywhere. It is very nice, actually. You can do what you want, and nobody watches you."

(Do Americans call you Michael?) "No, but I heard a lot of Americans call Michael Ralf."

(About facility): "I haven't had a big chance to look around, but it looks very nice and modern. It is totally up-to-date. I heard it was new, anyway. You won't have a lot of circuits that have this environment in Europe."

(About driving the oval): "From an experience point-of-view, I would be very much interested to try it. For the race, I would say no. To me it looks very dangerous just watching the races and watching some accidents. I would try it personally, but in a race no."

(About driving a stock car around the oval): "No, it should be in a race car. It has nothing to do with a real race car if you look at it. I am sure it is great and entertaining. It is a big heavy engine, big heavy car. It is just a different way of racing - another exciting way of racing, but it wouldn't be my way. My desire after Formula One is fishing. I don't think I would drive something else. You can't really explain the technologically we are bringing. To be honest, watching an Indy-car race is very exciting with all of the overtaking. There is no doubt about it. The only thing I can say is for the fans to watch us and make their own opinions of us. I hope that we can entertain or show them something different. Whether it is better or worse, we will find out."

JENSON BUTTON (BMW WilliamsF1) (Have you seen the circuit yet?): "Yeah, I came for an hour yesterday. It's interesting. With the banked last corner, it's quite strange. There will be a temptation to go straight on the oval. But that would be quite fun."

(Do you have a sense of history about coming to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?): "No. We're going the wrong way around here, aren't we? But no, it's a great place for the U.S. Grand Prix."

(Have you ever watched the Indianapolis 500?): "Yes. The first time around (age) 15 or 16. Actually, the Indy 500 was the first computer game I ever played. But I kept hitting the wall, which actually was the fast way around." (What' s it like to race here for the first time?): "F1 drivers are quick at learning new circuits. But it's clearly a level playing field."

(Is this a real test for you as a driver?): "Yes. It will be interesting to see what kind of wing will be used. You will see a lot of changing going on (in practice)."

(About racing in the rain at Indy): "Well, it will be some issue because we don't know about the drainage here, since they don't run in the rain. But I think we'll be OK."

ALEXANDER WURZ (Mild Seven Benetton Playlife) (About the Indianapolis circuit): "I walked around the track to get some impressions. It's good! I've always had a dream of racing at Monaco, Le Mans and Indianapolis. This is not the track I wanted to race on at Indianapolis. Definitely during my career, I want to race on the oval here, but at least we're here and we're making history."

(About this season): "This year has been very hard, very character-building. It's very, very political. I'm fighting a lot of political stuff for a long time. That has made it hard for me."

(About his future): "My future will be known tomorrow (Friday). It's a good opportunity for me, the possibilities are really great."

GIANCARLO FISICHELLA (Mild Seven Benetton Playlife) (About the Indianapolis circuit): "I did a few laps. It's very, very interesting -- the first few corners, and especially the two before the long straight. I'm not convinced about the two hairpins, but the rest of it is good. It's like two different tracks, which makes it difficult for the downforce. You need a lot for the hairpins, but not much for the long straight. I expect we'll be going only about 220 km/h down the long straight because of the downforce. It's not a great compromise, but it's the same for everybody."

(About the Indianapolis Motor Speedway): "It is quite impressive! On Sunday, I believe it will be very, very impressive with a lot of people." (

About his chances this weekend): "The beginning of practice tomorrow will be quite difficult - a few spins will be easy to do! I'm confident to be in the top six or top eight and score some points in the race."

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