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EDDIE IRVINE (No. 16 Jaguar-Cosworth R3/Cosworth CR3/Michelin): "Saturday destroyed us. That was it. All the damage was done on Saturday." (Was there any way to salvage today?): "We weren't lucky enough." NICK HEIDFELD (No. 7 Sauber Petronas...

EDDIE IRVINE (No. 16 Jaguar-Cosworth R3/Cosworth CR3/Michelin):

"Saturday destroyed us. That was it. All the damage was done on Saturday." (Was there any way to salvage today?): "We weren't lucky enough."

NICK HEIDFELD (No. 7 Sauber Petronas C21/Petronas 02A/Bridgestone):

"In the beginning, it was quite good. I was running eighth, and I hoped for a bit of luck to finish sixth. I think a lot of cars were on one stop, and we were on two stops. In the end, the car didn't behave as well as it did at the beginning. I think there was a small problem with the car."

JENSON BUTTON (No. 15 Renault R202/Renault RS22/Michelin):

"I think anything out of the points is always disappointing. Not fantastic. We did the best we could from 14th on the grid, and I don't think it's too bad. The circuit conditions seemed to be changing quite a bit. The car didn't feel too bad. It was just difficult to overtake here, and I was in 14th."

JARNO TRULLI (No. 14 Renault R202/Renault RS22/Michelin):

"Very happy. Good race, good start and good result in the end, thanks to the car's reliability. We had a very good strategy, also, very smart. One stop, which paid off at the end of the race. I was lapping very well. I was holding up with a reasonable gap (Jacques) Villeneuve away from me, and in the end, we came out with two points. I'm extremely happy because in two races in a row, I'm scoring points. I look forward for Japan."

HEINZ-HARALD FRENTZEN (No. 8 Sauber Petronas C21/Petronas 02A/ Bridgestone):

"I have to say I changed the car too much to oversteer, and in the race, I had a very difficult time. There was a lot of oversteer."

JACQUES VILLENEUVE (No. 11 BAR-Honda 004/Honda RA002E/Bridgestone):

"Every point is crucial and important. The car was competitive today, but there weren't many mechanical failures, just Ralf (Schumacher), who had a mishap with Juan Pablo (Montoya), so I'm happy we got a point here. It was a fun race. The car was working much better than I expected in the race. The tires were actually getting better with the run. I was happy."

OLIVIER PANIS (No. 12 BAR-Honda 004/Honda RA002E/Bridgestone):

"It was not a very good start and not a very good first corner with the traffic, but Jacques (Villeneuve) got one point, and that is good for the team."

RALF SCHUMACHER (No. 5 Williams-BMW FW 24/BMW P82/Michelin):

"I had a good start. There was an unlucky event with Juan (Pablo Montoya). It is always very difficult to overtake someone on the outside. There wasn't enough room. I am going to have to watch the TV to get a clear picture of what happened."

MIKA SALO (No. 24 Toyota TF102/Toyota RVX-02/Michelin):

"I was fine until after the first pit stop. I had a big misfire after that for many laps. It just would not go away. I also had a hydraulic problem most of the race in the car. We would have been a lot higher if we'd had no problems."

ALLAN McNISH (No. 25 Toyota TF102/Toyota RVX-02/Michelin):

"It was a very big problem. I think the power steering failed or something because turning right, the steering was solid. Then turning left, it was extremely lighter, so it is definitely something in that. The car was reasonably inconsistent. However, without the steering issue, it would have been significantly better."

MARK WEBBER (No. 23 Minardi-Asiatech PS02/Asiatech AT02/Michelin):

"It looks like we had something with the steering. It was not possible for me to continue with the condition it was in, so I had to stop."

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA (No. 6 Williams-BMW FW 24/BMW P82/Michelin):

(About second-lap incident involving Ralf Schumacher): "He made a mistake and went wide on the last right hand before the straight, so I got behind him and drafted him. I went around the outside to pass him and braked really late, and I think he spun." (Whose fault was it?): "I don't know. I'm not going to say it was completely Ralf's fault. I mean, we were racing and everything. I haven't seen the incident on TV, but I know I gave him plenty of room because I was right on the edge of the track. Because I braked so late, I nearly didn't even make the corner. I braked really late, just made the corner, and something hit me in the back. When I looked in the mirror, I saw Ralf. I think he wasn't straight. I think he spun or something." (About the effects of the incident): "There was a bit of oversteer, but it was probably the dirt more than anything else. He touched me, but I think I was probably very lucky that anything didn't break. I think I gave him enough room. I'm not going to give him all the track, but I did give him enough room. When we got to the braking, I was clearly ahead of him." (About the race): "I made a huge mistake on the pit stop. I pitted 10 laps too early. I saw the sign and I said, 'I think they called me in there.' So I said '10-4' to see if they were going to say something, and they said '10-4 what?' and nobody said anything. I was coming into the last straight before the pits, and they said if I don't pit, I'm going to run out of fuel, so I said 'Let's go in.' I was seeing people going in, and I guess I pitted 10 laps too early." (Are you afraid to talk to Patrick Head now?): "No, I think I haven't done anything wrong. I think I made a good race. I think we need to review a little bit the way I'm called into the pits because it cost us third place today. I think apart from everything, I made a pretty strong race. It was fun. I thought I was going to get David (Coulthard) at the end, but I lost probably a second or two in traffic and couldn't really get him."

ALEX YOONG (No. 22 Minardi-Asiatech PS02/Asiatech AT02/Michelin):

"From the beginning, I knew there was something not quite right with the engine. I was running along with my teammate yet was losing him on the straights quite a bit. I knew something was wrong but kept pushing, and hopefully, we would be there at the end. When the engine went, I was not surprised. I was happy with how I was performing, and I was still getting good lap times."

TAKUMA SATO (No. 10 Jordan-Honda EJ12/Honda RA002E/Bridgestone):

"It was a very exciting start. Launch control improved since the last race, which is good. It was a pretty exciting race in the beginning, but I was stuck in traffic a lot, which cost us time. Because of the two-stop strategy, we have to have real quick times. It is kind of difficult to judge everything just right. In the end, it was quite difficult to hold the oversteer. It was a tough race, I think."

GIANCARLO FISICHELLA (No. 9 Jordan-Honda EJ12/Honda RA002E/ Bridgestone):

"Finished seventh today. I think it was not good. It was a good pace. I was doing a very good race, but unfortunately, the tire behavior was very inconsistent. There was no trouble for the first couple of laps, and then there was a huge oversteer everywhere. I'm a little bit disappointed."


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