US GP: Post-race quotes

UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX POST-RACE QUOTES - Sunday, July 2 SCOTT SPEED (No. 21 Scuderia Toro Rosso STR1/Cosworth TJ 2006/Michelin): "I was just a victim of circumstance. It's a shame, we had an awesome start. I was past Ralf (Schumacher) and ...

POST-RACE QUOTES - Sunday, July 2

SCOTT SPEED (No. 21 Scuderia Toro Rosso STR1/Cosworth TJ 2006/Michelin): "I was just a victim of circumstance. It's a shame, we had an awesome start. I was past Ralf (Schumacher) and (Mark) Webber and up two spots, but it can happen, that's motor racing." (Can you describe your disappointment right now?): "Of course, you always want to finish one in front of your home crowd. It's disappointing, but that's racing. I didn't make any mistakes, so for that, I'm OK. People were coming across the track, and I was the next one to hit them. Some guys got together in the next corner, and we had nowhere to go. I haven't seen the tapes yet; I have a feeling it was a racing incident. This track is so difficult for us because it's so wide, it promotes people to be a little optimistic, it's flat and wide. Just someone cut us out." (Was anybody slow off the line?): "I think Webber didn't have such a good start because I was by him before I shifted into second."

KIMI RAIKKONEN (No. 3 McLaren MP4-21/Mercedes-Benz FO 108S/Michelin): "I was just doing my own thing. I guess it is quite easy to see from the replay what really happened." (About being disappointed): "It's not my fault. What can you do? It's not my fault, so what can you do?" (About what really happened): "It's better that you look from the replay to see. It's pretty obvious what really happened." (About being out of the race): "I think we could have had a good chance to have a good finish in the race."

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA (No. 4 McLaren MP4-21/Mercedes-Benz FO 108S/Michelin): "It is hard to say exactly what really happened. Kimi (Raikkonen) braked really hard. I just hit him in the back, and I think that just triggered everything." (About if he is all right): "Yeah. It's just racing. Things like that happen." (More on the accident): "It is pretty surprising it hasn't happened more often. It is a very tight first corner and a very narrow track, so it's going to happen." (About his luck here): "I won the Indy 500, so I can't complain. There is always something that happens here. It is a shame. We had a great race car. For McLaren Mercedes, it's a very disappointing day."

MARK WEBBER (No. 9 Williams FW28/Cosworth CA2006/Bridgestone): "I got hit from behind. I don't know who it was. I was just turning into Turn 1 and got harpooned in the right rear. It was a separate accident from the other crash. It's just so wide and we're funneling into something very tight so, and then Turn 2 is where people always get into trouble. Obviously, Juan Pablo (Montoya) got into the back of Kimi Raikkonen, and then Kimi and Jenson, and then me. So much bad luck; you just get used to it."

JENSON BUTTON (No. 12 Honda RA106/Honda RA806E/Michelin): "It is very disappointing. I think Montoya hit my back wheel. He had enough room on the inside, so much room. I don't know if he just understeered or if he hit Kimi up the bum. And then he just pushed me and pushed me into Heidfeld. Then he rolled over, and it was just a big mess. I was surprised that I could drive away, really. It shows how strong our car is. We tried to get out because there are so few cars out there, but it was going to take too long with the issue that we had."

TIAGO MONTEIRO (No. 18 MF1 M16/Toyota RVX-06/Bridgestone): "Two times this year already, the drivers from the Aguri Suzuki team want to win the race on the first lap, and it never works, you know? The race is long, so many laps to go. They always take too many risks. Now he's out, and I'm out as well, which is ridiculous." (About performance here): "The Bridgestone tires are working very well. I like this track very much. Last year, our performance was good, as well. I was really aiming for points here, so it's a wasted opportunity." (Did you make contact?): "Yes, Sato crashed into me on the braking in the first corner."

FRANCK MONTAGNY (No. 23 SA05/Honda RA806E/Bridgestone): "Well, my car was not too good, too much wheelspin. I got overtaken by Liuzzi, I was on the inside, and I could have overtook some guys again under braking again, so I stayed on the inside and just braked normally like everybody. But on the inside, there was a Red Bull car completely in the middle of the road, and I hit the brakes, but you can't stop when its coming a at 300 kilometers (per hour). It takes some time so we touched - that's all. I'm quite happy the weekend's over. This weekend was a bad weekend, but I enjoyed coming here, and I hope to be able to come back again."

NICK HEIDFELD (No. 16 Sauber BMW F1.06/BMW P86/Michelin): "I was hit from behind. When it happened, I didn't know what was going on. I saw it on the big screen afterward. On the screen, it looked like both the McLarens collided, that spun Kimi (Raikkonen), who then just hit me." (Are you OK? As wild rides go, is that one of the wildest you've ever taken?) "Actually impact-wise, it was very, very small because I was simply flying through the air. It was the first somersault, or however you call it, I had. But I am fine." (Your car is not supposed to fly through the air, though.): "No, but we have wings, so maybe it helped it." (Looks like you got some sand and rocks in your helmet.): "That is the least of worries now." (You didn't really want to play in the sandbox today, did you?): "No, I hoped to go into the points. I had a good start, but unfortunately that happened." (What sort of start did you make? What was your Turn 1 like?) "I was good; I made a couple of positions. I have to lift a bit. But going into Turn 1, I was nearly alongside Jacques (Villeneuve) already, so it would have been a good one."

JACQUES VILLENEUVE (No. 17 Sauber BMW F1.06/BMW P86/Michelin): "The engine gave up there. I pulled off going down the back straight. We are very disappointed. This was the first race on the engine. So something must have gone wrong because normally an engine usually survives two races. The weekend was going well. The car was running really strong during the race, very disappointing." (Now, next race is in France, BMW continues to keep getting stronger at each race. Where do you see it going from here?): "The car is improving at every race. We just need to finish a race and get in the points."

CHRISTIJAN ALBERS (No. 19 MF1 M16/Toyota RVX-06/Bridgestone): "In the first corner, Tiago and Klien went together, so we hit each other. We lost a lot of performance, and the front wing, we had to change. And then later on the gearbox broke."

CHRISTIAN KLIEN (No. 15 Red Bull Racing RB2/Ferrari 056/Michelin): "Midlands tried to brake for the first corner, but I was on the dirty side. Then it was my fault, I hit Webber on the inside, and that was me." (What happened out there?): "To be honest, I don't know, really. It went very tight. All the cars came together. Then it was already over. I don't know what happened, I will have to look at the TV." (About the start of the race): "The start was actually OK. I passed already both the Midlands cars and was on, but then there was a big collision with the cars." (About the collision): "I don't know, as I said there were a lot of cars together, and I think I crashed together with a Williams, but I don't know who was involved."

DAVID COULTHARD (No. 14 Red Bull Racing RB2/Ferrari 056/Michelin): "I was up alongside Christian, and I could see Vitantonio coming on my outside, and I just didn't like the look of it. It just didn't smell right. So I backed out of it, kept in the middle of the road and let them all go, and obviously I picked up some places there. From what I understand, Juan Pablo created another shunt in front, and so obviously we gained a lot of places. From there, it was just a battle between Vitantonio and Rosberg. The guys did a great job, on strategy especially, and Mark for giving me the encouragement on the radio. We got in front of Nico, and I'm very happy for us to get those points for the whole team, especially this time of year. It helps us against Williams." (Was it something you expected at the start of this race?): "There weren't this many cars to finish last year, but then you can say that's because not that many started. There's a long straight into Turn 1, and I think there's been an incident every year, so I was very mindful of being in a position and keeping to in Turn 1."

VITANTONIO LIUZZI (No. 20 Scuderia Toro Rosso STR1/Cosworth TJ 2006/Michelin): "For Toro Rosso, it is a great day. Every time we were so close to the points, (we would) fall a little bit (from) an accident or strategy. We are really positive. We are working hard, day by day, and we are growing, day by day. This is a really positive ending of the race. We started in (the) last row. It was not a really positive beginning, but then we managed to make it a good race against David (Coulthard) and Nico (Rosberg), so we are proud. The guys did a great job, and finally our first points. Now we have to look forward because we are on fire at the moment." (About racing with Rosberg): "I was struggling a little bit with top speed, so to overtake him it was pretty difficult. When I went in the inside, he did the same thing as Mark in Montreal, so I said, 'OK. I'll try the other side.' And it worked. He said to keep the position at the end, but I couldn't let it go because we were fighting for points and this was the right maneuver." (About this team running well in the USGP): "It is time to change. We have to come back and score points next year, but also score more points in other circuits. We have to try to improve from the beginning of the next season but also for the remaining one." (About accident in Turn 1): "I saw a lot of pieces of carbon flying, and I didn't understand what was going on. Ahead of me I think was Takuma Sato, and he was changing lines quickly. I was trying to understand where he wanted to go to overtake him. I wasn't looking at what was up front. Unfortunately, I had to cut the corner because there was a car coming into my sidebox. Fortunately, I cut at the right moment, and we didn't crash."

RUBENS BARRICHELLO (No. 11 Honda RA106/Honda RA806E/Michelin): "I love this place. I feel sorry that happened on the start. I had a good one. It was just that we had to compromise the strategy a little bit in (qualifications), and then I was running a little bit behind. It was difficult to keep up the pace. But the last race, I finished a lap behind Alonso, now I finished five seconds, which is respectable. We need to improve things, and I think with Honda Racing, we can." (How hard was it dealing with the heat?): "It was tough. It was hot, one of the hottest, actually, so viva Malaysia and viva USA."

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER (No. 5 Ferrari 248 F1/Ferrari 056/Bridgestone): (This was the first Ferrari 1-2 since Monza in 2004): "I didn't know it was that long ago, but we definitely performed extremely well all weekend long. We prepared ourselves for those two overseas races. We knew we had a very good car in our hands. Canada, for whatever reason, didn't work out. Here, everything was just spot-on. To have Felipe alongside is just a dream result. And in a way, looking for the championship and knowing Fernando finished fifth, is a big step toward the championship. Just a great day, in many terms. A great weekend, having Germany win the game and get into the half-final. Me winning the race. Can't be a better weekend, in a way." (About following Massa early): "He did a great run. No mistake, nothing, very clean, very good, very tough to keep on. It was very hot. Pushed extremely in the out lap, and luckily new tires gave me the edge and made me go forward. A great result, in many ways, for the whole team and as the championship presents. We're just very delighted." (More Schumacher to come in transcript)

FELIPE MASSA (No. 6 Ferrari 248 F1/Ferrari 056/Bridgestone): "It was definitely a great race for me. I start really good. I was really, really concentrated and delighted. I made a reaction time very, very quick this time (at the start). I had a very, very good start. I could manage to pass Michael by the end of the straight, and I tried to push to make a good gap between us and the Renault. And I was just concentrated also on their lap time, just to push even harder to build a gap and then to steady the race. In the second part, Michael was a little bit too quick in the out lap, and he managed to pass me. But I think it was a great result for us, looking at the situation of the championship. It came at the right time. We need to be strong at every race to fight with them. But I'm very happy. My best result, and hopefully we carry on at this pace until the end of the year." (More Massa to come in transcript)

GIANCARLO FISICHELLA (No. 2 Renault R26/Renault RS26/Michelin): "It wasn't an easy race, especially at the beginning. I lost a position at the end of the start, at the end of the straight. I was much quicker than Fernando, and I was able to overtake him and do my pace. Unfortunately, the two guys here next to me were far away, and their pace was just a bit stronger than my pace. I did my best. Third is our best result we can do today. So I think we have satisfied about that." (More Fisichella to come in transcript)

NICO ROSBERG (No. 10 Williams FW28/Cosworth CA2006/Bridgestone): "It's not positive. I had such a good fight at the end. It was a bit fortunate, of course, to be eighth after the start, and it's just unfortunate to be finishing ninth. It's a disaster. It's happened to me twice already, and it was just very difficult to drive and keep the car on the track and not make any mistakes. So yeah, that was that."

RALF SCHUMACHER (No. 7 Toyota TF106B/Toyota RVX-06/Bridgestone): "I couldn't really tell what was going on, so we came in and we found the wheel bearings were failing on the front left. So you know, it was time to come in. It was a tough race for us because it was hot. The car was not easy to drive. It's disappointing. We were in a comfortable position, and it would have been great for the team (to finish)."

JARNO TRULLI (No. 8 Toyota TF106B/Toyota RVX-06/Bridgestone): "Everything went right today. Many times this year, things have gone wrong, but this time I was really quick. I knew it yesterday, and it was a shame, but nevertheless we pushed it very, very hard. We had to start from the back, but we managed to finish fourth." (You seem disappointed. Are you?): "I couldn't have got third, but I'm the kind of person that always thinks that they can do better." (You look tired. Was this one of the most physically demanding races?): "I'm just a little tired and excited, and I keep talking to people, so I just need to rest a bit.""

TAKUMA SATO (No. 22 SA05/Honda RA806E/Bridgestone): "Well, it's very disapointing finishing this way. At the restart, Monteiro and I were fighting for position into Turn 1. I was only at the half of a car level inside of his car, but unfortunately at the braking, he just turned in. I kept coming, and unfortunately I had to go over the curb to avoid him, and it launched the car off the track, so I was disappointed. The only one thing you can say is that is that obviously he knew I was inside, and if he would have left just one car lane, he would still be on the inside into Turn 2, so we kept racing. So it was a real shame. Looking at today at what happened at the start today, it was a strange race. So we could have finished in the top 10, which would have been really nice, but there is no point saying 'if, if, if' in racing." (About the start): "The start was really difficult situation. All the cars were in one pack, and I just could avoid the accident, and I landed in 11th at that time, so it was a real shame (to not finish race)."

FERNANDO ALONSO (No. 1 Renault R26/Renault RS26/Michelin): "We were not competitive all weekend, so nothing new to say about the race. But fifth place is the maximum today, and four points is quite good." (Concern about Michael's pick-up in points?): "No, it was 15 points after Nurburgring. So now five races later, it is 19 points. So the races keep going, and the gap never decreases below 15 points. So it's a comfortable gap." (About race with Fisichella): "There was a difference in the engine specification. At the first part of the race, it was impossible on the straight to keep Fisichella behind me. All weekend, he was quick." (About the tires): "I think Bridgestone did a better job probably this race. But in 10 races, I think nine races, Michelin did better job and one, Bridgestone. So hopefully we will continue to win this average."


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