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UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX POST-RACE QUOTES Sunday, June 20, 2004 FERNANDO ALONSO (No. 8 Renault R24/Renault RS24/Michelin): "I had a puncture in the rear tire." (Did you pick it up from debris of the track?): "Who knows?" JENSON BUTTON (No. 9...

Sunday, June 20, 2004

FERNANDO ALONSO (No. 8 Renault R24/Renault RS24/Michelin):

"I had a puncture in the rear tire." (Did you pick it up from debris of the track?): "Who knows?"

JENSON BUTTON (No. 9 BAR-Honda 006/Honda RA004E/Michelin):

"The car was working really well here. It wasn't going right from the word go. When Ralf (Schumacher) had his accident, everybody else pitted, and we stayed out thinking that it would be OK. But the Pace Car was out, so it didn't matter. So we lost a lot of time there. The pace of the car, when we got out on new tires, was unbelievable. Traction-wise, we could overtake people out of corners, which was fairly unusual. The car was very quick here, and it was suited for the circuit. It's a little bit disappointing. So there you go."

FELIPE MASSA (No. 12 Sauber-Petronas C23/Petronas 04A/Bridgestone):

"Some people crashed in front of me, and then they just came to my car. I had nothing to do with the crash. I did a good start, and I could overtake some cars, but anyway, unlucky. I was in Turn 1, was very careful and then some guys crashed just in front of me, and they just came to my car."

CHRISTIAN KLIEN (No. 15 Jaguar-Cosworth R5/Cosworth CR6/Michelin):

"My start was really good; the first corner was OK. Then the second corner two cars were in trouble, then I crashed into Toyota, and Sauber crashed into me. I don't know what really happened. We'll have to watch it on TV and see."

CRISTIANO DA MATTA (No. 16 Toyota TF104/Toyota RVX-04/Michelin):

"It happened after the pit stop because of the contact I had on the first corner. I didn't see, either, what happened. Someone hit the back of my car, broke the diffuser, gave me a flat rear tire. When I stopped, then something happened to first gear. Basically, something happened, and it broke. I couldn't get it out of first. It was just stuck there, so basically I had no drive."

GIORGIO PANTANO (No. 19 Jordan-Ford EJ14/Ford Cosworth RS2/Bridgestone):

"We went through the first corner, and I have one Toyota and one Jaguar car in front, and they just slowed down quickly, and there was nothing I could do to avoid them, and I just went off. There was nowhere for me to go, and I touch, I think, Klien, and I go off. I broke the front suspension. I had to stop."

DR. MARIO THEISSEN (Motorsport director, BMW): (About Ralf Schumacher's condition):

"I was just with Ralf in the medical center, and he is conscious and can move everything. He says that he has back pain, and the doctors say now that they will take him to downtown hospital in order to undergo a CT scan. So far, they can not say anything more." (What happened): "That is not clear yet. In fact, Ralf asked me what happened. We are just now analyzing the data from the car. He did not see any problems before he crashed."

NICK HEIDFELD (No. 18 Jordan-Ford EJ14/Ford Cosworth RS2/Bridgestone):

"I'm not 100 percent sure what happened. I think, in the end, it was the engine, but I'm not sure if it wasn't something else to cause that problem. I was as high as seventh or eighth position. I'm not sure. It didn't go as bad as expected, to be honest. I was lucky not to be involved in the crash at the beginning. And once the tires had a lot of laps on them, the car improved."

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER (No. 1 Ferrari F2004/Ferrari 053/Bridgestone):

(About accident involving brother, Ralf Schumacher): "Obviously, that was the biggest concern I had, seeing Ralf sitting so long in the car. As soon as I was aware of Montoya's position, when I saw a BMW parked there and I said, 'No, please, please not something bad.' They were telling me everything was not too bad, everything was all right. But I've heard this in the past ,and things have turned out differently. Taking the lead after the Safety Car, that was because the nature of the circuit here means that the Safety Car switches off in the last sector, and you don't have much time to prepare yourself and get yourself right. I was slipstreaming Rubens and was able to pass. (Closing thoughts): "Obviously, I don't really have a picture relative to the opposition. I was looking after Rubens. There was the option after the last pit stop to go for another pit stop or call that the last stop. I didn't have a good second stint. It was very difficult just to manage the situation. It was a very close fight."

RUBENS BARRICHELLO (No. 2 Ferrari F2004/Ferrari 053/Bridgestone):

"Well, it was a little bit confusing because that time I was right behind Michael and I was focused to get past. Unfortunately on the restart, I had a lot of wheelspin which allowed Michael to take the slipstream and get past. (In Turn 13), it was bottoming, it was so low. I didn't have a chance to close the door. We were running close by, and we had the information on the Safety Car. They were telling me, 'Come in, don't come in, come in, don't come in,' so I was slowing down. Yeah, it was very unfortunate in a way. It was good to have a 1-2 again for the team. I'm just disappointed, more than Canada, more than ever. I thought I had a win on my hands. We had a quick car, I was driving well, and I was pushing like hell. Unfortunately, there was something on the racetrack, a piece of white stuff out of Turn 4, that caused me to lose about a second."

TAKUMA SATO (No. 10 BAR-Honda 006/Honda RA004E/Michelin):

"This is a really great result for the team. The mechanics working so hard, and the Honda engineers in Japan, working. I was so happy for the team to bring a result here. Obviously, Turn 1, I was surprised to see a Renault coming on the outside. I lost a position. But when the Safety Car came in, there was some confusion. The restart, it was just OK. But the Ralf situation was very concerning, seeing him sitting so long. Under the new regulations, you cannot push hard under the Safety Car. The team came on the radio and said keep low on the fuel and keep it down. There was so much debris. I had to avoid the debris down the middle of the track. Nevertheless, third place was fantastic. The car was beautiful. We had lack of pace in Canada and lacked consistency for long runs. But today, the car was so consistent over long runs, and I was able to push so hard."

JARNO TRULLI (No. 7 Renault R24/Renault RS24/Michelin):

"I took advantage of the Safety Car periods to climb up the order. I pushed all the way, although this weekend, we've been struggling for speed. On the final stint, Sato was catching me, and I was driving on the limit. One lap, I made a mistake and went off. On the lap when I was overtaken, there was oil on the banking, so I lifted and Sato got passed me. I was struggling with the rear tires on the last stint, but overall, from 20th to fourth is a result, though it is disappointing to lose a podium."

GIANCARLO FISICHELLA (No. 11 Sauber-Petronas C23/Petronas 04A/Bridgestone):

"I'm disappointed because we had a fine showing until that problem at the end. We had the possibility to score some points, so it's disappointing."

SIR FRANK WILLIAMS (Team principal, BMW WilliamsF1 Team):

"We had another bad weekend. We don't what caused Ralf's accident. We really don't know at all. And Juan's car was disqualified because according to Article 85, if you decide to change your car on the grid, the driver must be off the grid himself, not necessarily the car, within 15 seconds of the start, and we were off about 13 seconds." (About Ralf Schumacher's condition): "He is in hospital, he is in a lot of pain. Everything works, his stomach is a bit upset, pretty bruised, but he's basically sound. I think he'll probably be there for several days of my interpretation of what I've heard so far." (What caused the accident? Did a tire go down?): "I don't think the tires deflated before the accident. But this isn't clear yet." (About stewards taking long time to disqualify Juan Pablo Montoya): "Juan is very unhappy about it, but I guess you could say we got some good mileage on the car for the sponsors."

OLIVIER PANIS (No. 17 Toyota TF104/Toyota RVX-04/Michelin):

"Our team did this. I am so happy how we have really all come together internally within the team. I think it has really started to pay off. I think it is quite good. But we know this weekend we were really competitive car here and last year, too. I don't know exactly why, but it is still welcome. Everyone did really good job, and the race was tough. But we kept pushing and finished fifth. Just 40 seconds behind the leader is, I think quite positive for us. It is quite positive to score the points with the car that we have right now is really good for the team. We wait for our new car, of course, at Hockenheim. But we need to keep pushing. We have Magny-Cours and Silverstone to do well again." (About strong finish in 150th career start): "It was a good present for my 150th race, celebrated yesterday and very happy about that. But now we need to work toward celebrating the 200th race." (About racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway): "I really enjoy it. It is not an easy track to find a compromise between mechanical grip and aerodynamic downforce. But I really enjoy racing here because all the American people look like they enjoy Formula One quite well and am very pleased with that."

DAVID COULTHARD (No. 5 McLaren-Mercedes MP4-19/Mercedes-Benz FO 110Q/Michelin):

"I caught some debris and broke my front wing. Causing problems with the balance during the race. Otherwise, I think it was an exciting race for the fans."

GIANMARIA BRUNI (No. 20 Minardi-Cosworth PS04B/Cosworth CR3L/Bridgestone):

"I went in outside, and there was a guy next to me just shunted and he hit me in the sidepod of the car. It broke the right front suspension." (About the finish of teammate Zsolt Baumgartner): "It's good for the team to score one point. I should have been there, but there was nothing I could do."

MIKE GASCOYNE (Technical director, Panasonic Toyota Racing):

"Our hard work is starting to show. I'm very pleased. Olivier drove a very competitive race for us. Olivier drove fantastic. Disappointed for Cristiano; he got hit at the start from behind, which ruined his race. Then he lost first gear, then more gears. I'm very, very pleased for the whole team. It lifts the whole team. It makes all the hard work that we've got to do and we're doing now in the future that much easier."

ZSOLT BAUMGARTNER (No. 20 Minardi-Cosworth PS04B/Cosworth CR3L/Bridgestone):

"We are really happy. It was a tough race for me. At the beginning, I was next to my teammate in the first corner. I touched the Jordan on the back. It was a little tap with the nose. Gimmi (Bruni) touched the Jordan, and they went away. I went between them. I drove a very consistent race. The big thing (at the end to hold onto eighth) was very much pressure. It is my first point. It is a great thing. That was my goal for us to take a point. It is a miracle what happened today. I am very happy for the point for the team and for me. (In the future) Hopefully, we'll be higher."

MARK WEBBER (No. 14 Jaguar-Cosworth R5/Cosworth CR6/Michelin):

"It was going very well until Ralf crashed, and we come around with debris all over the circuit. It did a lot of damage to my car. I lost my bargeboard and damaged my other bargeboard, but in the end it looked like we had a filter problem on the engine that made us retire. I wasn't worried about the fire; I was just worried about breathing in the fire extinguisher stuff, which is not very good for your lungs so I wanted to get out of the car. I held my breath for 30 seconds before I got out."


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