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Quotes after the qualifying session for the US Grand Prix JARNO TRULLI (No. 14 Renault R202/Renault RS22/Michelin): "I'm happy about the qualifying result. We did a very good job today because we weren't so happy this morning with the car...

Quotes after the qualifying session for the US Grand Prix

JARNO TRULLI (No. 14 Renault R202/Renault RS22/Michelin):

"I'm happy about the qualifying result. We did a very good job today because we weren't so happy this morning with the car setup and balance. We managed to do quite a lot of work this morning and also during qualifying changed the different setup. I'm definitely very happy for me and for the team because I'm getting on better and better race after race every time with my engineers."

JENSON BUTTON (No. 15 Renault R202/Renault RS22/Michelin):

"Very disappointing. A bad day for us. We struggled since this morning with under and oversteer. Can't really find a balance on the car, and it seems to be getting worse as the temperatures are rising."

RALF SCHUMACHER (No. 5 Williams-BMW FW 24/BMW P82/Michelin):

(You qualified just behind your teammate, Juan Pablo Montoya): "The two of us are very close together, but we weren't close to the first two teams. To get beaten by McLaren is certainly a surprise to us. There were no real problems, just a handling problem. We couldn't really find the grip, a lot of understeer in the infield. The infield is just very tiny, and we had a hard time finding the grip."

(Is Indianapolis tough sometimes?): "Indianapolis, I don't know, I'm only here once a year. There is a podium available to us tomorrow. McLaren will be very strong in the race, as they usually are."

KIMI RAIKKONEN (No. 4 McLaren-Mercedes MP4-17/Mercedes-Benz FO110M/ Michelin):

(The McLaren is known for its excellent aero package, so are you disappointed with sixth?): "A little bit. My quickest lap I had to slow down because there was aero flux in the corner. One of the Minardis was there, and it caused me to slow down and lose a couple tenths. There is not much to be done about it. For sure, I'm a little bit disappointed."

PEDRO DE LA ROSA (No. 17 Jaguar-Cosworth R3/Cosworth CR3/Michelin):

"We weren't expecting much more, really, on this track. The temperature raised, and we seemed to lose grip. That explains a little bit our weak position here today. The track was worse than in the morning. That's very strange because normally we pick up grip when it gets hotter."

EDDIE IRVINE (No. 16 Jaguar-Cosworth R3/Cosworth CR3/Michelin):

"It wasn't balanced. We just lost a lot of grip. It's a tire factor. The temperature came up a lot. The temperature was low this morning, and the car had grip. We looked at Williams, McLaren, to be ahead of them. They worked their tire hard, obviously, and McLaren is notorious for being very easy on the tire. So, Williams has overheated their tire, and we have overheated our tire, and I'm seven-tenths slower than I was this morning. It's very frustrating. Sometimes we make a big step forward when the temperature goes up. Today, we made a big step backward. We're just going to have a fun day tomorrow."

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA (No. 6 Williams-BMW FW 24/BMW P82/Michelin):

(Any problems?): "Nothing really, we just couldn't get a good balance all day, and that was it. Tomorrow we'll try to beat McLaren. I don't think we have the speed to beat Ferrari." (Are you disappointed): "It's not disappointing. It's the way it is at the moment, and we have to deal with it."

NICK HEIDFELD (No. 7 Sauber Petronas C21/Petronas 02A/Bridgestone):

"I hoped for a top 10, and in the end, it was very close. We were on 10th position, but I expected a couple of cars to go quicker. I was sure it was going to be tough."

(This weekend you have a German-speaking teammate. Does that help you more than a teammate who speaks another language?): "No, it doesn't matter which language the teammate speaks. It's nice to have an experienced teammate, and Heinz-Harald (Frentzen) is that. He has a lot of experience in top teams, and already now after one or two days work, he knows a lot more about the car. He can give more input and more ideas."

(The goal this weekend was to secure the position in the championship. Can you succeed in that?): "Difficult to say. Obviously, the Jaguars are quite strong. They are only three points behind us. We'll try our best."

HEINZ-HARALD FRENTZEN (No. 8 Sauber Petronas C21/Petronas 02A/Bridgestone):

"Not too bad. You had to fight for every hundredth of a second. Both cars were very close together."

(You had very little time in the car. What kind of problems does that present for you, if any?): "The majority of the problem is the seating position in the car."

ALEX YOONG (No. 22 Minardi-Asiatech PS02/Asiatech AT02/Michelin):

"Trying to go quick on the second run, I touched the grass a bit, and that was it. I skid all the way to the barrier. I think the grass is a bad adding, have to change that for next year, I think. It does not slow the car down. I came back and thought, 'Well, I've got two more runs on new tires,' but I comfortably qualified, so I just thought, 'Forget it and save the tires for tomorrow's race.'"

MARK WEBBER (No. 23 Minardi-Asiatech PS02/Asiatech AT02/Michelin):

"I am looking forward to the race for us. Normally, qualifying is quite difficult for us because the other teams have quite a few qualifying tweaks that they can use to help the car under one lap. For the race, it is not easy to overtake because we are not that quick in a straight line. We are quite quick in the corners, but it is difficult for us to be overtaking people in the straight lines. It is going to be a long afternoon."

MIKA SALO (No. 24 Toyota TF102/Toyota RVX-02/Michelin):

"We had a huge problem on my car, and we could not find out what was going on with it. The last run, I had a big misfire, also, so I got only two runs. It's very disappointing."

ALLAN McNISH (No. 25 Toyota TF102/Toyota RVX-02/Michelin):

"The first thing was that we helped the car a lot from this morning to this afternoon. This morning, it was very inconsistent to drive and did not give me any information. This afternoon, it was consistent, but we had a little bit too much understeer, which I think loses you quite a lot of time in the infield. For tomorrow, I am more confident in what we have as a car. Overtaking, obviously, is going to be quite critical, so our straight-line speed is critical."

JACQUES VILLENEUVE (No. 11 BAR-Honda 004/Honda RA002E/Bridgestone):

"The car was great for one lap on new tires. The car was always difficult to drive yesterday and this morning, but we could get one lap out of the tires. It felt like qualifying used to feel like, which means you put tires on and get one good lap out of them, and we're not used to that anymore. You can actually drive harder than you've driven up to that point, so that made it fun. After that, it's a little bit hairy on the long run, but I think that it's a track asphalt characteristic. It's a very slippery track, and you slide a lot, so you use up the grip very quickly. This year we've been slower on our race days than on qualifying days. We've mainly been trying to survive instead of trying to overtake, except for a few races. I knew we could get in the top 10 after yesterday. This morning didn't go too well because we didn't get any access because of mechanical problems, so we didn't set the car up and didn't get the running to be confident for qualifying, but it worked fine."

GIANCARLO FISICHELLA (No. 9 Jordan-Honda EJ12/Honda RA002E/ Bridgestone):

"It was a very tough qualifying session, like I knew it was going to be. It's been good, even if we couldn't be forward, like eighth or seventh. It was very important to make a successful lap all together. I am quite pleased. Hopefully, tomorrow is going to be a good day, and we can score some points."

TAKUMA SATO (No. 10 Jordan-Honda EJ12/Honda RA002E/Bridgestone):

"It's been a difficult day again. We blew up today in the beginning of the morning. I lost all of first session and the first 10 minutes in the beginning of the second session. I couldn't use the latest engine because it blew up, so it put us at a disadvantage. We did try our best. Since yesterday, there was not much time to improve, so it was very difficult to qualify. Now we have to just hope that tomorrow is going to be better. Otherwise, it's just very disappointing. The mechanics did a great job just coming back to the car and doing a half-hour job to bringing over the assembly from the T-car. We couldn't really find the final trim because we lost so much time."

GARY ANDERSON (Director of Race and Test Engineering, DHL Jordan Honda):

"(Giancarlo) Fisichella never really got his section times together, which is a bit of a disappointment, but OK. It's hard here because it is one of these tracks where you have to have a lot of finesse. There is no real drama for the others. I think seventh was in the cards, maybe a sixth. Everything should be pretty positive."


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