US GP: Post-practice quotes

JARNO TRULLI (No. 14 Renault R202/Renault RS22/Michelin): "Everybody probably will improve the car for tomorrow, but I think we need to improve our car setup. Definitely, we're not happy with the balance." (About the track surface): "This ...

JARNO TRULLI (No. 14 Renault R202/Renault RS22/Michelin):

"Everybody probably will improve the car for tomorrow, but I think we need to improve our car setup. Definitely, we're not happy with the balance."

(About the track surface): "This morning it was pretty dirty. It was damp in the morning and a bit green, so I think there's still a lot to come from the track. This is a very difficult circuit for the engines."

JENSON BUTTON (No. 15 Renault R202/Renault RS22/Michelin):

"Now, I'm not completely happy with car. The balance still isn't quite there. We still have work to do for tomorrow."

(About stopping on course): "We think we broke something in the gearbox."

RALF SCHUMACHER (No. 5 Williams-BMW FW 24/BMW P82/Michelin):

"It's all fine. We were able to select the tire we wanted, and I'm reasonably happy. It's a bit of a difficult circumstance for us today, but I'm sure we'll get it right."

RUBENS BARRICHELLO (No. 2 Ferrari F2002/Ferrari 051/Bridgestone):

(About his accident): "We're still investigating, but it looks like we lost rear pressure in the tire, and it was just a sudden move. The car went sideways. I was looking at the hit, the way it went into the wall. It did absorb quite a lot. I'm perfectly fine. It's just the car that is still not recovered yet. It was a kind of an installation lap, but it is a corner that is quite easy flat, so you're just above 300 (km/h), for sure. It was surprise because normally you're not going that fast, as I said. It's an easy corner flat. You're flat, but you're not thinking about it. The track was still very wet, so I was just taking care. All of a sudden I thought 'Whoa,' and 'Boom.' It was just a surprise. Luckily, when I opened my eyes, everything was OK. Next time around, I'll be flat."

(What did Patrick Head say to you?): "Patrick was very kind to come to myself. He thought that the tire was out of the rim. Sometimes it takes us a long time to see all the data and everything, so it was quite nice of him to come around."

(You're now the first person to make contact with the outside retaining wall during the USGP): "I don't want to be remembered for that, that's for sure. I'm just OK, and crashes we take as they come. We're racing drivers, sometimes they happen. Unfortunately, it did happen, something to the rear tire losing the pressure that put me into a spin, but tomorrow I'll be flat, no problem."

(Did it set you back?): "No, it's just that I lose track time. It's just like Monza. I just put my head right for the time when the car is right. There's nothing I can be crying about right now. We've got to be ready when the car is ready. It's kind of a catching up. I left all the work for my teammate today. He's done a good job on testing the tires. We'll get together and decide the setup. Obviously, for tomorrow, you want to go for qualifying more, but there's still the data from the last two years. There's nothing to learn about the track. It's a bit more to learn with the car and the tires."

(Now that Michael Schumacher has clinched the championship, are you more of threat?): "Since he won, I've won another couple races. I'm having fun for the whole season. At the beginning of the year, I lost points here and there, but I'm fine. I'm having a superb season and just enjoying, that the reason. I had a crash today, and it doesn't matter much. I have to be ready whenever the car is going to be ready tomorrow. If I'm going to be thinking about the crash, no. Tomorrow I'm going to be ready."

NICK HEIDFELD (No. 7 Sauber Petronas C21/Petronas 02A/Bridgestone):

"I'm quite happy we finished in a better position, a lot better than the last practice. The circuit improved quite a lot. It was damp in the beginning and not a lot of grip. With more cars running, you get more grip, and lap times keep improving."

ALLAN McNISH (No. 25 Toyota TF102/Toyota RVX-02/Michelin):

"After the very difficult first session, where we had the gearbox problem on the installation lap, then a big imbalance in the car, we spent the remainder of the session getting consistency into the car. We ended up doing a pretty good job toward the end."

MARK WEBBER (No. 23 Minardi-Asiatech PS02/Asiatech AT02/Michelin):

"We had two spins, actually, and a few excursions. The track was quite greasy at the start, and we made some good improvements the second session after the track got more rubber. It is normal on Friday on the first session to be quite greasy, especially with a bit of rain overnight. It was good, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. We have a few little things we want to try, so it will be good."

PEDRO DE LA ROSA (No. 17 Jaguar-Cosworth R3/Cosworth CR3/Michelin):

"(Eddie Irvine) braked very early on the last corner. I did the same, and Eddie just went in where I did not expect him to go."

JACQUES VILLENEUVE (No. 11 BAR-Honda 004/Honda RA002E/Bridgestone):

"The track is very, very slippery. I managed to get one lap out of the tires, and after that, it just gets very oversteery. You manage to keep the grip for a whole lap, then it should be OK for qualifying. I'm looking for a good weekend. There's been some good qualifying, and the last race, the qualifying was OK, but then in the race, it really didn't work out."

(About winning the Indianapolis 500 in 1995): "When I raced here, it was on the big oval, so it was very, very different. It was very exciting, but it's just good to be back at Indy. Of course, it's not the same track, and it's not as exciting as the oval was, but it's nice to be here."

DAVID COULTHARD (No. 3 McLaren-Mercedes MP4-17/Mercedes-Benz FO110M/Michelin):

"Coming back each year, you're shown the challenge of the track. It's a very short lap, that infield section is tricky. It's a track where you need a balance in your car, as opposed to another track where you can extract a little more air. We have to work well and catch up and hopefully score some points."

(About the track): "It's a busy challenge. I'm sweating as much as I would at any circuit. The infield section has a lot of long entries, which it's very easy to go over the top with the tire, get some oversteer, and you end up spinning. It's quite tricky to find the line, the entry. What's absolutely clear is that this isn't Spa, but you don't have the terrain here to create a Spa. But it's Indianapolis, which has its own special history and absolutely is deserving of a Grand Prix."

KIMI RAIKKONEN (No. 4 McLaren-Mercedes MP4-17/Mercedes-Benz FO110M/Michelin):

"It was quite difficult in the beginning. The car was very difficult to drive, but we started to make progress. It was quite normal."

(Could McLaren be right on the pace this weekend?): "I don't know, really, hopefully. The race is to be a very good one, and we look to do well."

(Lot of teams are doing unusually well. Do you think there were some half-tank runs today?): "Friday's always a bit of guessing. You never know what other teams are doing. Our tire should be quite strong here, and we just need to work to incorporate that." (Do you feel you will have the straight-line speed to be competitive?): "I haven't been behind anyone to know. It should be similar to racing anywhere else. We have improved our top speed quite a lot."

GIANCARLO FISICHELLA (No. 9 Jordan-Honda EJ12/Honda RA002E/ Bridgestone):

"It has been quite a good day. We have done a lot of work for the race, so the fuel load was quite high. I'm seventh, so it's good. I am quite comfortable for tomorrow. I know it's going to be very tough. The gap between me and other people is there, and it's pretty tight, but I think it is possible to be top 10 tomorrow."

TAKUMA SATO (No. 10 Jordan-Honda EJ12/Honda RA002E/Bridgestone):

"The car was very competitive starting out this morning. It was very good for both cars and very competitive. I was immediately hammering down to get going on the Indianapolis circuit. It was a shame I couldn't complete the second session, but I think tomorrow will be a much, much better day."

GARY ANDERSON (Director of Race and Test Engineering, DHL Jordan Honda):

"Basically, we did competitive work for the race setup. The car seems quite positive, and I think we have a reasonable setup. We just need to redo that modification again, but we will have all night to do that. We are quite happy with where we are. Takuma (Sato) just made a bit of a mistake. He lost a lot of setup time, but hopefully he can recover in the morning."


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