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2007 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX POST-PRACTICE QUOTES -- Friday, June 15 GIANCARLO FISICHELLA (No. 3 ING Renault F1 Team): "We came out of the session a little bit confused because we didn't seem to get the extra grip we expected from the new tires.


GIANCARLO FISICHELLA (No. 3 ING Renault F1 Team): "We came out of the session a little bit confused because we didn't seem to get the extra grip we expected from the new tires. The day has really been about working on car setup and trying to get rid of the understeer that we've have had since this morning. We've gone in the right direction, but we still have a little bit more progress to make. In terms of competitiveness, it's always hard to judge on a Friday, but I think the initial feeling is that we're not quite as strong as we were last weekend in Canada."

HEIKKI KOVALAINEN (No. 4 ING Renault F1 Team): "It's not exactly the Friday I wanted after the weekend in Canada. We didn't have any problems. I got a lot done, and we improved the car all the way through the session. We're heading in the right direction with setup. Personally, this is my first visit here, but I got into the track quite quickly and got into a good rhythm. I think it's a cool layout. Some people complain about it, but I really don't understand why. There are some really nice sequences of corners. It's not an easy circuit, but it's one that you can attack and ride the curves, and that's good fun. In terms of competitiveness, I think it's going to be a very close fight. We still need to improve the car further tonight and tomorrow in order to come out in a good position. It's always close at this circuit, so we know we have to get 100 percent out of the car in qualifying."

FELIPE MASSA (No. 5 Scuderia Ferrari): "If we are going to win or not, I don't know, but it think is definitely going to be better than Canada because our car seems much more competitive and much more happy. Happy with the balance I found today and with our grip and pace we had today compared to Canada." (Is there hope for a win?): "There is always hope. I am happy to continue the good, old times from Ferrari at this track so hopefully we can carry on a similar level and try to win the race."

DAVID COULTHARD (No. 14 Red Bull Racing): "Pretty hectic session. Very high track temperatures and low downforce that we run here, so the car is quite tricky to drive. Didn't really go off the circuit, as such, but a lot of moments."

NICK HEIDFELD (No. 9 BMW Sauber F1 Team): "Not happy at all with the car. The result is not bad, but if you look at the gap up to the front is too big, especially on a circuit like here, where the times are normally very close together. After the first session, the results were looking very good. But unfortunately only on the result sheet. I just don't know what kind of fuel load the others had and who was on fresh tires in the end. But, however, I was unhappy with the balance this morning and still am because it is just sliding too much."

SEBASTIAN VETTEL (No. 10 BMW Sauber F1 Team): "It was going quite good. We did quite a lot of mileage, and we were able to find a lot out about the tires and about the setup of the car. So we just tried to progress. I think it is a normal fight, as usual. Of course, it is a completely new task for me so far, and I am quite happy with what I did. I think now is about to work together with the team and find out the maximum for tomorrow and Sunday." (It must not be the easiest situation to be in with Robert Kubica being injured): "No, under these circumstances, you never wish to get a race seat. But from the beginning on during the season, I have been active as a reserve driver. This is what can happen." (What have your expectations been?): "Expectations, to be honest, I don't have any. Today it was important to use to the car again and get it up there. Then we will see tomorrow after qualifying. For sure, the car is not so bad. You could see in Montreal, we were quite quick. But here it looks not so bad. We will see." (How did you like the track?): "Quite good, it has a nice rhythm and is quite interesting with the banking to drive. After a couple of laps, you get quite used to it. It is fun."

RALF SCHUMACHER (No. 11 Panasonic Toyota Racing): "It was a pretty difficult session for us. It was very slippery out there, and there was not a lot of grip. That was partly down to the track conditions, and they did improve as the day went on. It's difficult to tell where we really are because it's only Friday. Still we have some work to do overnight. We tried several different options with our setup, and now we have to look at the results from today so we can get the maximum from the car in qualifying and the race. It was positive to get through both sessions without any problems with the car because we were able to make good use of the three hours of track time. We are working hard for tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it."

JARNO TRULLI (No. 12 Panasonic Toyota Racing): "That was a difficult session for me today. I found the car quite difficult because there was very low grip in general, as usual here at Indianapolis. We did quite a lot of laps and we tried out different options, as well as both kinds of tires, but we have to work hard now to find a bit more speed in the car before qualifying and the race. It was positive we did not have any mechanical problems on the car today and we were able to do all the work we planned. I've always had very good races here at Indianapolis, so we will now try to get the best out of the car for qualifying and get another good result."

ALEXANDER WURZ (No. 17 AT&T Williams): "I only drove the second practice. It started all right on a used set of tires, then unfortunately when I got into the rhythm of the track, we had an oil leak, which we had to repair. We lost some time. But in the end, we went out and got an idea of the setup. It's free practice, so we are just here to get some information today."

NICO ROSBERG (No. 16 AT&T Williams): "Practice was pretty good, actually. I was positively surprised by the car straight going out to the car. The usual problems we have were not so bad. From then, it was a good platform from there. We really progressed well from there. This year our engine is pretty good. We have seen this at Montreal, which is a high-speed circuit where you need a good engine. Our engine is pretty good compared to others."

VITANTONIO LIUZZI (No. 18 Scuderia Toro Rosso): "It has been quite a difficult day. We had some problems with the setup of the car when trying to keep the car straight in the corners. We had quite a bit of understeer and then oversteer. So there is still a balance issue overall. We tried a few things for the race and for qualifying. We'll try to work out the problems through the night. Every minimal thing can affect the balance of the car. Understanding the circuit and understanding the car at the moment is the work we have to do."

SCOTT SPEED (No. 19 Scuderia Toro Rosso): "The afternoon practice session was quite troublesome. We had a lot of small problems that made the testing quite difficult to draw any real conclusions from. The track is the same for everyone, so the conditions didn't bother us any. This track, being as fast as it is, kind of hurts us a bit more with our gearbox because we don't have the seamless shift like all of the other teams in front of us. We're losing, for sure, a lot more than we did in the last few races."

MARK WEBBER (No. 15 Red Bull Racing): "Today didn't quite go to plan, especially in terms of completing our program. We were working quite hard on the balance, trying to adjust it and get it to a place where I was happy with it. We needed a bit more track time, but then we had a transmission failure, which cut short the day. It's pretty tight between all the cars; it always is round here. So now we'll just look to tomorrow."

JENSON BUTTON (No. 7 Honda Racing F1 Team): "It has been a fairly routine Friday for us, really. We achieved a good number of laps between Rubens and myself, so we have plenty of information to work with tonight. I had some issues in the morning and early afternoon with understeer at certain corners, but we were able to work through this and pick up some good front and rear grip by the end of the session. A good start."

RUBENS BARRICHELLO (No. 8 Honda Racing F1 Team): ""We have completed a lot of hard work today, but we were able to achieve a lot, particularly in the afternoon session. I struggled with the balance of the car during this morning's practice, but this afternoon we made some improvements during the course of the session which leaves us with a lot of good data to be working with this evening."

FERNANDO ALONSO (No. 1 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes): "(Are you pleased with the day out there, both sessions?): "Regarding the times, yes, both sessions P1, on top, is good fun. It's good to build the confidence for tomorrow. But we know Fridays are unfortunately not too important, and we'll see tomorrow. What is good from today is the car is working well, and we are once again competitive here." (Always a little bit difficult of an affair, Fernando Alonso and Indianapolis. In what way can you turn it into a love affair on Sunday?): "I hope so, it has been a very difficult race in the past for me here. I never been competitive at Indianapolis, the car, the luck, whatever, myself, so today to be P1 is a little bit of surprise for me. I never was in the top at Indianapolis so I enjoyed a lot today. And if I can finish on the podium Sunday, it will be a fantastic surprise." (Can you take some momentum from today?): "Yeah, what we tried to understand today is the tires, how they work, both type of tires, and try to see as much data as we can tonight and try to prepare the car for tomorrow. Today we completed a lot of laps, and I think tomorrow the car will be better and better. Everybody will do the same, but hopefully we'll be on top." (So you're favored for pole tomorrow?): "It will be close. I think the Ferrari's have improved from Canada. They're extremely quick, and they will be very strong tomorrow for qualifying and for the race, as well."

LEWIS HAMILTON (No. 2 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes): "For my first day in Indianapolis, it has gone extremely smoothly. I think we made some good steps forward with the balance of the car. I'm looking forward to tomorrow; the weather has been fantastic, as you can see. It's another circuit. I wouldn't say it's the best circuit I've raced at, but it's interesting. It has been extremely tough today because we're on low downforce and the track is not very grippy. The car is sliding around a lot. When that happens it is difficult to find the optimal setup but we're working our way, getting closer and closer to it." (What is the biggest challenge for you at this circuit?): "The biggest challenge is probably managing the tires. The other drivers here have been here the last six years, or whatever it is, so they have plenty of experience on this circuit. To come here and be there your first day, to explore every position on the track is tough, so it's about finding the correct balance and the consistency." (Was this a successful day for you?): "Absolutely, if you look at the times we were second quickest, I think? There's always time to find. Going into tomorrow I'll look at the data again because after the P1, I was third, but I lost six- or seven-tenths in the middle sector, so I went away, found out where I was losing time, and I improved it. And so coming back tomorrow I'll be even quicker, for sure."

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