US GP: Post-practice quotes

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER (No. 1 Ferrari F2004/Ferrari 053/Bridgestone): (About the spin): "Well, I just ran out of road. Those circuits are too small for me." (How was the track?): "Good. Track was grippy." (Blisters on the tires?): "Well, we're...

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER (No. 1 Ferrari F2004/Ferrari 053/Bridgestone):

(About the spin): "Well, I just ran out of road. Those circuits are too small for me." (How was the track?): "Good. Track was grippy." (Blisters on the tires?): "Well, we're really running on the limit, it's Friday, it's hot - it's probably going to be less hot on Sunday. I'm not too concerned." (About Barrichello pushing him): "Well, yeah, he's very strong and picking up race by race this year, and he's been doing very well today."

(How different is this track than compared with September): "The cars have improved. It feels better actually in the way that the car handles although it is hot." (Do you like your chances?): "I think we are there - you have to reckon with us." (You established a record for wins at one track in Montreal. Do these things matter to you?): "That makes me proud, but I don't drive by motivation."

RUBENS BARRICHELLO (No. 2 Ferrari F2004/Ferrari 053/Bridgestone):

"It went very good. We are very happy with the performance. We still have to do a lot of work in terms of finding the tire and so on." (How important to be fastest on Friday?): "Not at all, it's of no importance it's a question of finding the balance in the car and how happy you are with the car. Tomorrow in the newspaper it will say Rubens was first, that is all." (You are using part of the oval track here at Indianapolis. Do you enjoy that?): "I do, I do. I find it quite enjoyable."

(About pole day tomorrow): "It's going to be a busy day tomorrow. It's going to be a day to find the best setup for the race, but the new tires are working quite well, and that makes me happy because I could go out on both sets of tires and find by best lap of the day- so I hope it is a perfect start of the weekend." (About the heat): "In terms of the driver, we sweat a little bit but on the car, the tires, the engines, the brakes all suffer a little bit more. It's supposed to be cooler on Sunday, but that remains to be seen." (About spins by other drivers in practice): "Well, there's not a lot of racing here, if any and in the infield it's a little slick a little green - the blacks marks are starting to come up quite a bit, so it's going to be fine. It's hotter than anyone predicted."

(About pushing teammate): "I can only smile when people say Michael this Michael that - I have a lot of belief in myself. By having this belief, you have to go out and try, and I'm a guy who tries to go out and enjoy it and there are some tracks where I go a little bit better than others - but quite honestly I think the second half of the season is better for me. I have been trying some different things in the car." (About right-foot and left-foot braking): "I'm like a footballer now - I'm kicking with both feet - but I'm definitely a right-foot braker."

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA (No. 3 Williams-BMW FW26/BMW P84/Michelin):

"I'm quite happy with the results of the day. We were expecting to be quick, but there are others still quicker. Overall, Friday speeds usually don't tell a whole lot. We'll review more tire data before the race and see where it may impact our decisions."

RALF SCHUMACHER (No. 4 Williams-BMW FW26/BMW P84/Michelin):

"I'm reasonably happy with the performance in the first two sessions, although it was difficult to draft in the beginning because it was so slippery. We made an early tire choice to concentrate on working with the setup. There's still a lot to do, and we're working with a lot of data, but I have confidence in our performance for the race."

DAVID COULTHARD (No. 5 McLaren-Mercedes MP4-19/Mercedes-Benz FO 110Q/Michelin):

"Obviously I lost some track time as I was unable to take part in the second session, which is a shame. All of a sudden at Turn 8 the car just stopped, and there was nothing I could do. Kimi collected quite a bit of data, which should help us in making the best tire choice possible, and we have two practice sessions tomorrow morning before qualifying and the race."

KIMI RAIKKONEN (No. 6 McLaren-Mercedes MP4-19/Mercedes-Benz FO 110Q/Michelin):

"We completed our tire evaluation program and will continue working on finding a good setup in tomorrow's two practice sessions. It can be quite tricky here as you have to find a good balance both for the full throttle part and the infield section. I like this track and enjoyed my first couple of laps familiarizing myself with the layout."

JARNO TRULLI (No. 7 Renault R24/Renault RS24/Michelin):

"It was a difficult day as usual on a Friday. It's been about tire testing and a little bit of setup work. We don't seem particularly competitive at the moment. We're struggling with grip and the balance of the car."

FERNANDO ALONSO (No. 8 Renault R24/Renault RS24/Michelin):

"It was not a very good day for us today. I don't have the necessary grip. My own session was cut short because I made a mistake."

GIANCARLO FISICHELLA (No. 11 Sauber-Petronas C23/Petronas 04A/Bridgestone):

"We had a few problems with the blisters on the rear tires, so we have to fix that problem because it's going to be very important for the race. Usually on Friday, we set the pace for the race distance. We have to be optimistic. We worked on the car's balance all day. We had some oversteering, but we think we can fix it. I feel confident for tomorrow, if we fix that problem."

FELIPE MASSA (No. 12 Sauber-Petronas C23/Petronas 04A/Bridgestone):

"It's my first time here at this track, so I was learning the track. I tried to make the best of my time. The car was getting better and better. For sure today, there was not a lot of rubber on the track, so I think it is going to improve tomorrow. We tried to do the setup for the race." (How was the car performing?): "At the moment, it is not clear. We saw a lot of cars very quick in front of us. For sure, I think it will be a very tough race, but I think we can improve with the rubber on the track."

(What happened with Sato?): "Actually, I don't know. I watched him in the mirrors in the straight, and he was really far away from me. Just before I turned in, I watched the mirrors, I'm turning, he was not there and then he just hit me! I think he was really optimistic. Usually in the practice, everybody backs off. Everybody knows in traffic, you back off, and he didn't back off. Every race, he does a similar thing, so I think they need to do something." (About qualifying): "I feel confident, but I think it will be very tough here. It is a very different track. It has very slow corners, a lot of slow corners. It's a bit like a go-kart track with very long straights."

MARK WEBBER (No. 14 Jaguar-Cosworth R5/Cosworth CR6/Michelin):

"My practice this afternoon was a good one. We went through the program we wanted to go through. The tire program worked out pretty good for us, and we have a lot of data to go over tonight. We will see how it goes; we have to find a little more speed, But it's all going OK. We're pretty happy so far."

CHRISTIAN KLIEN (No. 15 Jaguar-Cosworth R5/Cosworth CR6/Michelin):

"I'm happy to be here. I first have to learn the circuit. The first session was really slippery. There was no grip on the track, every car was sliding, pretty much. It's getting better and better. I'm happy with the car. It gets better as I learn the circuit. It's fun to drive here. There are long straightaways, and the banking is new to me. The infield is quite tricky to drive, all quite slow-speed corners, but it is fun to drive."

CRISTIANO DA MATTA (No. 16 Toyota TF104/Toyota RVX-04/Michelin):

"Was a lot better, per se. We just worked on general settings for the chassis and tire comparison, which is the most important thing. It was quite clear to us which tire we will use. So tomorrow we will see where we compare to everyone else. So Friday is the day that so many people do so many different things; it's difficult to see where everyone stands exactly."

OLIVIER PANIS (No. 17 Toyota TF104/Toyota RVX-04/Michelin):

"Very productive day. We did a lot with the tires. Did some long runs. I think we did a very good job today. All of the team, preparing so well for this weekend. I think this is quite a good break for us."

NICK HEIDFELD (No. 18 Jordan-Ford EJ14/Ford Cosworth RS2/Bridgestone):

"Unfortunately, I think it has been one of the worst Fridays so far. Not really because of the reliability, it was not an issue. The balance was very poor from the beginning on. We made some good improvements over the break. But we still have a very nervous wheel on the car, and we need to work very hard for tomorrow."

GIORGIO PANTANO (No. 19 Jordan-Ford EJ14/Ford Cosworth RS2/Bridgestone):

"Today for me wasn't a very good day because I had never been here before. I had to learn the circuit literally, but then I learned it, and we worked on the balance to the car. We worked on the tires, which tires we are going to use tomorrow for the qualifying for the race. And on the car balance, the rear stability was a problem. Now we are going to work on the balance on the rear. The problem with the car was the rear stability. They are going to find a better balance for the rear tomorrow, and then we'll see what happens."

RICARDO ZONTA (No. 38 Toyota TF104/Toyota RVX-04/Michelin):

"I think we did quite good job on the balance. Did a quite a good job on suspension and tires. On my fastest lap, I would have been quicker but had to stop (slow down) for traffic." (About the off at Turn 3): "The tires were a little bit not ready (not yet warmed up), and brakes were cold. I locked the wheels and lost a lot of time. So I'm a little happy that we did a good job."

(After the first session this morning): "Although I raced here in 2000, it felt as though it was a new track this morning in the initial lap. So I spent a bit relearning the nuances of the circuit. After that, it was improving the balance and doing a tire comparison between the two compounds of Michelins. Things have gone generally pretty well this morning."

TIMO GLOCK (No. 39 Jordan-Ford EJ14/Ford Cosworth RS2/Bridgestone):

"The first practice was real difficult because the track didn't have enough grip, and we had a lot of problems with oversteering and traction problems. From lap to lap, it was better when you get more and more grip on the circuit, but we still had the same problem. The car was really good for one lap, and then we would get a lot of oversteering and a lot of traction problems. In the second one (practice), we did some long runs, and it was really bad in the long runs so we have to look for better setups for the long runs.

We'll have some hard work tomorrow because we will have to find anyway to get the car better for the long run. In the last run, it was quite good with a qualifying run, but the lap wasn't perfect. I made a mistake in corner 4 and in corner 6, and I lost a little bit of time there. The car is OK for one lap, but we have to find a way to have a better long run, and I think we have to work hard tonight and get a better way for tomorrow." (Is there any extra pressure jumping from test driver to race driver and vice versa?): "I know what I have to do on Friday. It's the same job as what I did in the last race, so it's not a problem."

JENSON BUTTON (No. 9 BAR-Honda 006/Honda RA004E/Michelin):

"It's only Friday. We're just doing a lot of testing. We're happy with what we've done. We have a lot of useful information to look over tonight. I think it's more information than we've had in the last few races. I think we're going to know where we are in the morning." (About racing at Indianapolis): "It's fantastic. It's very different from anywhere else that we race with the grandstand and the crowds. It's a fantastic atmosphere. The banking is different. It's nothing new for the Champ Car guys or the IRL, but it's a lot of fun for us. The circuit has a very long straight, and it should make for some good overtaking."

TAKUMA SATO (No. 10 BAR-Honda 006/Honda RA004E/Michelin):

(About his incident with Felipe Massa): "I think officially in Turn 11, the corner before the banking area, I think Massa locked up the front tires and ran wide on the circuit. Then when he came back, between us, there was a big speed difference, so I think I caught him up fairly rapidly into the banking area. I was being towed, and I saw a couple of the blue flags waving, and I thought naturally, I would go into Turn 1 as if I'm overtaking him. It was a totally unnecessary movement, and unfortunately, we both touched. To me, it was really unbelievable."

(About meeting with the race stewards): "Basically it's no inducement or no penalty for both drivers. I agree. It's a totally unnecessary situation. The situation is not going to be different. But we won't have it anymore." (Was it an unnecessary move?): "He had been waved the black flag, and he made a mistake in the last corner. I was driving normally. If he had been driving normally, and if I catch him and try to overtake him, I wouldn't try to do that. I shouldn't do that. The situation was just unfortunate."

(About Massa's quote that Sato is "completely mad"): "OK, whatever. Speak to the FIA. We both don't have inducement or penalty or whatever. Drivers obviously think differently, but I don't care." (So Massa is to blame for an unnecessary maneuver?): "It wasn't a maneuver, either. I wasn't trying to overtake him. I was just catching him because he was slowing in the banking area. I just caught him and had to change lanes. That was it. I thought he would admit it, because he knew I was behind. But he did not. It's not racing, so it's totally unnecessary."

ANTHONY DAVIDSON (No. 35 BAR-Honda 006/Honda RA004E/Michelin):

"It was really good. We were running more fuel than my teammates did all day and to end up on the timesheets is really good. We had good long runs and very confident for the tire choice for tomorrow." (How is it to run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?): "I've never overtaken so many cars in q practice session before, so the long straight really helped. That's a good aspect to the circuit. The infield is a bit too tight. It reminds me of a go-kart track, but it's fun. It really works the cars and the drivers."

GIANMARIA BRUNI (No. 20 Minardi-Cosworth PS04B/Cosworth CR3L/Bridgestone):

"We were up to the last run, and we try to run a little bit faster with the fuel. I was a second faster than my teammate. It was a shame I couldn't run with low fuel at the end. We'll see tomorrow what's going to happen. The balance was good during the run, and I was supposed to faster and closer to Jordan with the same amount of fuel, I'm thinking about. And it was a shame we couldn't run at the end with low fuel. It was some hydraulic problem in the differential, an oil leak on the differential. The pressure went down." (About morning spin): "I just lost the car. We had a problem with the anti-stall so the car was stopping then. I couldn't manage to be back in the garage."

ZSOLT BAUMGARTNER (No. 20 Minardi-Cosworth PS04B/Cosworth CR3L/Bridgestone):

"We was struggling throughout the day with the balance, and I think by the end of the day with my engineer we did a good job. Also with the team. At the beginning, I was a bit worried. That was my first time on this track, and I didn't find my rhythm very well and anything. And I am very happy that at the end I could find a good rhythm and do a nice lap. So basically tomorrow I hope we can do work on the race balance. That would be very good to improve, as well, a bit. I think from the second set (of tires), we are on a good way. At the beginning, I was a bit off the track and not feeling very well. It's always good to do a lap time at the end. I think at the end everything was coming together. It was good like that. I was here (last year with Jordan), yeah. It was planned to race because the test before, (Ralph) Firman was not well. They called me in case if I was needed to drive. But I was just a visitor."


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