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GIANCARLO FISICHELLA (#7 Mild Seven Benetton Renault Sport/Michelin): "The target was to score so points. I'm not really happy. There was strange behavior with the tires during the race. I had a blister on the rear tire. I lost. It wasn't so easy, but not too bad."

JENSON BUTTON (#8 Mild Seven Benetton Renault Sport/Michelin): "I made a big mistake on the pit stop. Apart from that, the race went pretty well. We caught a lot of big problems with the rear tires. I don't think we could have done much better than that, anyway."

JEAN ALESI (#11 Jordan Honda/Bridgestone): "I was happy for the team because we scored points. I tried. I made the best I could. I'd like to stay for next year. It's a shame to wait like that."

JARNO TRULLI (#12 Jordan Honda/Bridgestone): "I'm very happy. It's a good day for us, for the team. We got points toward the Constructors' Championship. I was pushing really hard because I knew that if there were any kind of problems, I want to pull away from everybody behind me and try to gain as much gap as possible. The car worked very well, good strategy, good job in the pits. I'm happy. This track doesn't really rub in, but at least it's getting a little bit of grip during the race. I set up the car because I expected these conditions developing during the race. I'm happy about my choice."

OLIVIER PANIS (#9 BAR Honda/Bridgestone): "It was a very difficult race, to be honest, but we made the best. The car has just a lack of grip everywhere. It's quite difficult to make a good race, but I pushed hard and finished 11th."

NICK HEIDFELD (#16 Red Bull Sauber Petronas/Bridgestone): "I'm satisfied with having a point, especially since I lost first, second and seventh gear for about two-thirds of the race. It was pretty tough. I think some people recognized that I went straight at the end of the long straight and lost some positions. I'm really satisfied because the car was good all weekend, and it would have been possible for some more points."

PEDRO DE LA ROSA (#19 Jaguar Racing/Michelin): "It was a boring race for me. It was a traffic jam the whole race, virtually. I was behind Villeneuve and Panis. They were very quick on the straights, but I just could not overtake them, so pretty boring race."

EDDIE IRVINE (#18 Jaguar Racing/Michelin): "It was great to get points. I think we're only one point behind Benetton now. So if we can beat them in Suzuka, which if we can beat them anywhere, we can beat them in Suzuka, because both myself and Pedro (de la Rosa) have raced in Japan. I'm sure Pedro likes the circuit a lot, as well. It's the best circuit for us to be going, to beat them. It's a good day, beautiful day. Two points from this race is very good for us." (About the SAP United States Grand Prix): "It's fantastic. Formula One is an acquired taste, and if we can stay in America long enough for people to acquire the taste. It's like when you start drinking wine, at first you don't appreciate the good stuff, but the more you drink it, the more you start to notice the differences."

HEINZ-HARALD FRENTZEN (#22 Prost Acer/Michelin): "Basically, I was in a good position initially, but I couldn't overtake. Also, we came in slightly too early in the pits for refueling, so I couldn't really gain any positions in today's race. I could overtake one or two times, two times today. I had a good fight with Jenson Button and also Olivier Panis, that was the highlight of the race today."

ENRIQUE BERNOLDI (#15 Orange Arrows Asiatech/Bridgestone): "It started very difficult. Just before the race, I had to go to the T-car because I had a problem with my car. So I went to the grid, and the car was all set just like Verstappen's. The crew did a great job to setup everything for me, and I couldn't get all of the setup that I wanted from the car. I think it was a good race. I had a very bad start because my launch control was not working on the T-car, so I had to start manually. The guy in front of me, Alonso, stalled the engine, so I got a lot of wheel spin, and before the first lap I think I was last, the last car on the track. I managed to overtake somebody, and I'm happy that I could keep the pace with some good guys that I was fighting with."

TOMAS ENGE (#23 Prost Acer/Michelin): "I enjoyed it a lot. But just after the pit stop, after Alex Yoong went into the pits, I started to enjoy it. Until that point, I had a problem with the clutch on the start, and that's why I started, like, last. I lost several seconds on the start, and that's why I dropped to the last position. Then I was trying to push Yoong to the limit to make him make a mistake, but he did not make a mistake. Then finally when he went in to change the tires for the pits, I started to do quick lap times, and until the end of the race it was fine. I just had a little problem with the oversteer like everybody else here. I enjoyed it a lot. This is brilliant. This circuit is so, so hard for physical condition, especially the last corner. It's incredible, as I was suspecting before the race that it would be very hard. It was like that, but I'm happy to get into the finish, not only to be the first Czech driver to start here, but to see also the checkered flag as I was wishing in the beginning of the weekend."

RUBENS BARRICHELLO (#2 Scuderia Ferrari/Bridgestone): "The feeling is horrible. It's very difficult to express what I'm feeling. At the end of the day, I show that whenever I have the chance to win, I'm going for it. It was fantastic strategy. I was fighting the whole time for lap times and improving in traffic and so on. My second set of tires wasn't great. I think the pressure went too high. I was possible a couple of tenths of on that set of tires. Then, it was going to be close. I had a little bit more speed that Mika. If I got it to one second, I'm sure I could have fought the whole way through. It wasn't to be. I'm happy. The best moment of my life just happened last week (birth of son). I'm a happy person. Being a happy person, I'm a happy driver. Being a happy driver, I'm a faster driver. It's the way it's going. I'm sorry for myself, in a way, that I didn't do it (win). Since Michael won the championship, I've had four chances of winning. Spa wasn't great. Monza was great. I was almost there if it wasn't for a pit stop. The U.S. Grand Prix, I was almost there again. When I got to 2.8 or 2.6 off of Mika, I started to have a little bit of feeling that the engine lost a little bit of power. After two laps, it was evident that I completely lost the power. They were telling me to short-shift. There wasn't anything we could do. It was just wait and drive. The thing is, the car was so good that even though I had no engine at that time, I was still going fast into the corners. I feel sad about it, but what can I do? I will be back in Brazil soon, seeing my son, in a couple of hours."


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