Tyrrell sponsors and suppliers for 1995

NOKIA GROUP The Nokia Group joins Tyrrell Yamaha as the team's title sponsor Nokia Tyrrell Yamaha - for 1995. The Nokia Group is a global telecommunications systems and equipment manufacturer. Nokia is Europe's largest, and the world's...

NOKIA GROUP The Nokia Group joins Tyrrell Yamaha as the team's title sponsor Nokia Tyrrell Yamaha - for 1995. The Nokia Group is a global telecommunications systems and equipment manufacturer. Nokia is Europe's largest, and the world's second largest, manufacturer of cellular phones and a leading manufacturer of mobile telecommunications systems, supplying phones in all digital and major analog standards, with sales in almost 100 countries around the world. Nokia is a pioneer in digital switching and cellular telephone technology, with strong positions in the global markets for analog NMT - and digital GSM-based cellular infrastructure. As well as telecommunications, Nokia is a major European manufacturer of home and industrial electronic products.

YAMAHA MOTOR Co., LTD One of the world's leading motorcycle manufacturers, Yamaha's engineering capabilities are widely respected. It followed its many successes in motorcycle racing by moving into four-wheel motor racing in 1986, building a championship-winning F2 engine, while its first Formula One engine was seen in 1989. Yamaha commenced its association with Tyrrell in 1993 and tile exclusive technical partnership continues for 1995 and 1996.

FONOMETAL GROUP In October 1993, the Fondmetal Group announced that its subsidiary, Fondmetal Technologies, would enter into a three year collaboration with Tyrrell in the fields of aerodynamics, computer simulation and advanced suspension systems. The Italian group is widely known as a successful manufacturer of high quality alloy wheels.

JAPAN TOBACCO INC Mild Seven is a cigarette brand produced and marketed by Japan Tobacco Inc, the largest tobacco company in Japan. Previously known within motorsport for its promotion of the Cabin brand, notably in its support of Ukyo Katayama in 1991-92, Japan Tobacco now uses Formula One as a major promotional platform for Mild Seven and continues its association with the team for a third consecutive year.

THE ANGLE CO., LTD Based in Osaka, Japan, Club Angle is a leading manufacturer of leisure clothing and has a wide range of agreements for branded apparel including such names as `Guy Laroche' and `Hom'. Club Angle supplies Tyrrell's official team clothing and uniforms. and enjoys a licensing agreement to use the `Tyrrell' name.

CALBEE FOODS CO.. LTD One of Japan's leading manufacturers of snack foods arid cereals, Calbee Foods Co., Ltd enjoys a 70% share of Japan's potato chip market as well as 38% of the domestic snack food market. The company has a turnover of over $800 million per year. This year sees Calbee's fifth year of continuous support for the team.

HOXSlN BUSSAN FUTURES CO., LTD Hoxsin Bussan Futures Co., Ltd is Japan's leading futures commission merchant and trades in commodities and commodity funds. The company commenced its association with the team for the Japanese Grand Prix in 1994. Hoxsin Futures continue their sponsorship through the 1995 season

APAN777 BY ZENT Zent Co., Ltd is one of Japan's leading leisure groups and through its second year of association with Tyrrell continues to promote its chain of `Apan777' amusement centres.

BUNDY INTERNATIONAL One of the TI Group's three core businesses, Bundy International is a world leader in specialised small diameter fluid carrying systems for the automotive and refrigeration industries. Headquartered in the UK, the company has over 60 facilities in 24 countries around the world~ 1995 is Bundy's third year associating with the team.

KONI Tyrrell Racing Organisation continues its major technical programme with Koni, the Dutch shock absorber manufacturer. Koni maintains its `official supplier' status to the Tyrrell Formula One Team.

AGIP PETROLI The teem welcomes Agip, one of Europe's leading oil companies, as a new technical partner for 1995. Nokia Tyrrell Yamaha will use Agip's full range of competition lubricants and fuels developed by Agip at their research laboratories in Italy.

AUTODESK (UK) LTD Autodesk (UK) Ltd the British subsidiary of the major US specialist software company, supplies and supports Tyrrell's computer aided design facility. The team's race cars are designed and developed using Autodesk products.

MOTION SYSTEMS A North American company, Motion Systems designs and manufactures high quality ball drive actuators, and has worked with Tyrrell for six years.

GOODYEAR TYRE & RUBBER CO LTD A world household name, Goodyear tyres have won more than 300 Grands Prix since the World Championship began in 1950, and in 1995 its products will be used by every team competing in the championship.

FIAMM The Italian automotive electrical giant has utilised motor sport as a testing ground for its products for many years, and Tyrrell is delighted to continue its association with FIAMM in 1995.

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