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Tech analysis: What's behind Mercedes 2017 front wing tests

The 2017 Formula 1 season heralds a new line in the sand, with all of the teams sacrificing this year's development in order to get a head start on next year's car.

The gains that can be found from a new set of regulations come thick and fast at the beginning of the development cycle, making it essential that the right time be apportioned to both development programmes.

Mercedes has identified a solution that may figure in its front wing's design next season, with the mainplane detached from the endplate with all but a couple of metal support brackets.

The solution has been tested on the W07 since Malaysia and changes how the airflow directed around the front tyre is manipulated by the various vortices that the wing already generates.





This 3D animation show the physical changes to the wing and hopefully improve your understanding of how this will impact the shape, direction and vorticity of the footplate and ‘tunnel’ vortices that are generated either side of the open ended mainplane.

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