Team Lotus Jerez test, day 3 report

Driver: Heikki Kovalainen / Chassis: T128-01
Total laps: 61 / Fastest lap: 1.21.711 (lap 60)

0900 - 0902: Run 1, Installation lap
0902 - 0932: General system / DRS checks
0932 - 0946: Run 2, 9 laps - baseline run
0946 - 1008: Front camber test
1008 - 1019: Run 3, 6 laps successful DRS 'race mode' test of proximity system
1019 - 1049: Baseline setup change
1049 - 1102: Run 4, 7 laps
1102 - 1108: front / rear flap adjustment
1108 - 1120: Run 5, 6 laps DRS 'race mode' test
1120 - 1134: Brake blanking
1134 - 1146: Run 6, 8 laps
1146 - 1506: Exhaust issue fixed with new parts from factory / brake disc change
1506 - 1516: Run 7, 6 laps
1512 - 1520: Flap adjustment / new tyre baseline
1520 - 1532: Run 8, 6 laps
1532 - 1553: Rear camber change
1553 - 1554: Run 9, 1 lap (session red flagged) / adjustment to water system
1554 - 1610: Red flag / brake blanking change
1610 - 1622: Run 10, 7 laps
1622 - 1642: Setup change
1642 - 1649: Run 11, 3 laps
1649 - 1650: Red flag / end of session

HEIKKI KOVALAINEN: "Today was very encouraging and I really enjoyed driving the car. I still have the same feeling that I had in Valencia - it's fundamentally a good car and there's a lot more to come from it. We managed to make very good progress today, even though we had a problem with the exhaust we still managed to get through most of the programme. The guys worked well to fix the problem, and by the end of the day we had made a number of setup changes, run through all the tyre compounds and had run on a variety of fuel loads. This morning we tried the DRS in race mode and even though I had thought the procedure to initiate it might be pretty complicated it actually all worked easily. Once you get used to it the system is pretty simple. I used it in both race and practice mode and it returns to position well so I have no problems under braking and am very happy with how it all works. By the time the day eneded we finished right in the mix so we're all pretty happy with the day's work."

DIETER GASS, SPORTING DIRECTOR: "I think we are all quite pleased with how the day went. The morning and late afternoon sessions were good and even though we lost some time on track around the middle of the day with the exhaust problem we were still able to learn a lot more about the car and complete most of the programme. One of the key learnings from today is with the tyres. I think there we have a lot more work to do to really understand how to get the best out of the tyres but we have definitely taken a step forward with Pirelli today. We also tested the DRS in race conditions today and it was our first chance to try the proximity sensor - that worked very well and it was good to see that in action as it will be used in race scenarios."

-source: team lotus

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