Team Lotus Barcelona test, day 3 report

JARNO TRULLI: "Despite some mechanical gremlins which cut short my running time today we managed to collect some good data..

Driver: Jarno Trulli / Chassis: T128-01 Total laps: 48 Fastest lap: 1.25.454 (lap 45)


0900 - 0901: Run 1, Installation, 2 laps 0901 - 0913: System checks / FW adjustment / F & R brake blanking change 0913 - 0932: Run 2, 10 laps - long run setup / full wets 0932 - 0938: Brake blanking adjustment 0938 - 0945: Run 3, 3 laps (red flag) 0945 - 0950: Red flag / switch to inters 0950 - 1009: Run 4, 8 laps 1009 - 1245: Water leak fixed / F & R brake blanking change 1245 - 1251: Run 5, 3 laps 1251 - 1400: Lunch / baseline setup change / dry tyres 1400 - 1408: Run 6, 5 laps 1408 - 1614: Water leak fixed 1614 - 1624: Run 7, 6 laps 1624 - 1633: Front wing flap increase / rear brake blanking change 1633 - 1638: Run 8, 5 laps 1638 - 1647: Rear setup adjustment 1647 - 1655: Run 9, 6 laps 1655 End of session

JARNO TRULLI: "Despite some mechanical gremlins which cut short my running time today we managed to collect some good data and overall I have a good feeling about the car. It's good to see that without doing many miles, and it being my first day in the car today on the new tyres in Barcelona, I managed to do some consistently good lap times throughout the end of the afternoon session. This morning we were running on wet and intermediate tyres and evaluating them, and working on some setup changes. All in all it's been a very positive day and it's great to see we're getting closer to the top. It gives me a lot of confidence and gives the whole team encouragement to keep pushing forward. Tomorrow we want to carry out more setup evaluation as today I didn't run that much and didn't get the chance to explore the car as I would have liked. We had a number of small problems which eventually we solved but I want to get some more mileage done as there is definitely more potential to come from the car."

MIKE GASCOYNE, CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER: "A slightly frustrating dayas our running was limited by a problem with a cracking water pipe this afternoon. We knew about the problem but did not have spare parts for it so we had to use parts repaired at the circuit. The team did a good job today to make sure Jarno could get more laps done in the dry conditions and he was fairly happy with the car by the end of the day. We also managed to do a reasonable amount of running in the wet so although it was one of those quite tough days we managed to make fairly decent progress and with new parts available tomorrow we will look to complete some more significant mileage."

-source: team lotus

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