Symonds doubts Haas approach is right for F1


Formula 1 is heading in the wrong direction with the way Haas has arrived in F1 despite its brilliant point-scoring debut, says Williams technical chief Pat Symonds.

Haas produced one of the biggest surprises of the season opener when good timing for a tyre change during the red flag period helped Romain Grosjean secure a sixth place finish.

But despite the delight many felt at the Haas team's debut performance, Symonds has questioned if it is right that teams should be heading down the 'customer car' route.

"I think that the status of being a constructor is being gradually eroded," said Symonds. "And some would like it completely eroded.

"I think what Haas has done is good for him, but I don't know if that's the way F1 should be going.

"It is totally legal, but is it really what F1 wants? I'm not sure."

Listed parts

Haas has formed a close technical partnership with Ferrari, which as well as engines includes it buying as many Ferrari car components as are allowed under the 'listed parts' regulations.

Symonds thinks that expanding what teams are allowed to share could ultimately spell the demise of constructor teams.

"I think that when we had the listed parts, the original listed parts, it was quite pragmatic," he said.

"It allowed you to sell a few sensible things like transmissions that are high value, low performance impact. But it got whittled away, and some wanted it whittled even further.

"I would prefer F1 to have more of an emphasis on constructors."

Additional reporting by Andrew van Leeuwen

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