Super Aguri Barcelona test notes 2006-02-23

Takuma Sato took to the track for Super Aguri Formula 1 team& ...

Takuma Sato took to the track for Super Aguri Formula 1 team’s final running at the Circuit de Cataluña today. Following mixed fortunes and weather in Spain, the team now heads to the UK to continue its test programme at Silverstone next week.

Takuma Sato:

“I am very proud of everybody in the team who has made this test happen with such a tough schedule. Obviously this test has been an important opportunity for us to run our systems programme before we go to Bahrain."

"I am very pleased that we have successfully completed the three-day test and that we were able to evaluate the small amount of data that we have. In terms of performance we need to work hard, but at least this has been an encouraging start and I am so pleased that everyone has done such a great job. We will work really hard when we shakedown our 2006 initial aero package next week at Silverstone.”

Yuji Ide:

“It was a good test. I drove on the second day and I am very happy about how much the team has accomplished during this three-day test. I wish I could have driven more kilometres, but there were some problems that cut my day short. However, I am satisfied about what I was able to learn from the 44 laps I made."

"For the first time I felt the actual F1 G-force and downforce. Although I did not drive much I was able to feel confident in the car and hopefully I can do a better lap time at the actual races. I had a great learning curve and I enjoyed it very much. I am looking forward to the next test and also to the opening race in Bahrain.”

Mark Preston, Chief Technical Officer:

“The team has delivered more than anyone imagined possible before we came to Barcelona and this makes us confident that our performance in Bahrain will be acceptable. Yuji performed well during his first F1 test and Taku has been pushing hard to increase the performance of the car."

"These three days have helped to gel the team together, and that includes both the Super Aguri Formula 1 and Honda personnel, who have been central in our getting to this test. The engine performed faultlessly, which is a good indicator of our reliability for the first race."

"The test fulfilled our requirements and we were able to solve a number of systems-related issues. By the third day the car ran reliably all morning, allowing us to begin a programme of performance evaluations. Part of these evaluations allowed us to run our Bridgestone tyres for Bahrain and we are happy with the choice that we have made."

“Overall the team is tired following a week of very hard work, but amazingly we have achieved all of our goals and we are now looking forward to ‘ticking the next box’ on the list – our test at Silverstone next week.”

Takuma Sato
No. of Laps: 58
Best Lap Time: 1:19.774


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