Spanish GP winners' press conference

Q Well Michael, congratulations. The long awaited first victory for you and Ferrari and your 20th career victory. You must be absolutely delighted. MS Yeah, it's amazing. If anyone would have asked me how much I would bet on this, I...

Q Well Michael, congratulations. The long awaited first victory for you and Ferrari and your 20th career victory. You must be absolutely delighted.

MS Yeah, it's amazing. If anyone would have asked me how much I would bet on this, I wouldn't have even bet a penny on it because after qualifying we were nowhere in comparison to Williams and even in the rain after Brazil, Monaco the car didn't feel good so I wasn't expecting anything good from this weather condition, but when I went out in warm up the car was handling well and I was very surprised about that and in the race I think we have not got a present from anyone. I just pushed it to the victory and the car has been superb especially at the beginning and I was able to do the job.

Q Going back to your point about Monaco, rain seemed to be your downfall there but today we saw you lapping almost four seconds quicker than the rest of the field.

MS Yeah that's true. I've no explanation for it. It must be the nature of circuit which does change our situation dramatically. Our car seems to be very sensitive to certain weather circumstance and circuit circumstances and that's probably the point, but today the car was handling well. We made some final changes after the warm up which suited the car even more and our strategy has been perfect.

Q Towards the end of the race your car was making a strange sort of noise or it was not sounding normal. Was there any reason for that? Were you aware of any problem?

MS Yeah, I was trying out an eight cylinder engine. I had since half of the race I just had eight or nine cylinders in the car running which wasn't too pleasant because half the race you think 'oops' that's going to be difficult to finish the race actually and I expected something to happen but obviously the car stayed together.

Q Jean, you must be happy with your second position but, despite your well known skill in the wet, Michael seemed to get past you quite easily at the beginning of the race.

JA Yeah honestly, I was on the limit because maybe my car was a little bit too low and I was doing aquaplaning everywhere but I had no opportunity to follow him. He was really much quicker today. To finish second I'm very happy because four or five times on the straight I miss a car and I was very scared to finish in the wall.

Q You've had a bit of bad luck recently so this must be very good for your confidence to be back on the podium?

JA Honestly, it's not a confidence problem. My problem is just for some reason I have reliability problems. Monaco, for sure, will stay in my mind for a long time but now I finish on the podium and let's start again to race for the championship.

Q Jacques, well done on your third position you seemed to be much more confident in your car in the wet from today.

JV Well for sure, compared to Brazil when I was battling with Jean I finished in an off, it's good to finish the race when it was all wet and very wet. This morning we did the first segment of the warm up with our dry set up and it wasn't good at all and then we put on the soft set up and the warm up was cancelled so we didn't get much running with the car feeling well. On the first set of tyres, the tyres got bad after ten laps, although on the second set of tyres at the start the car was very good and I could catch up on Jean a little bit, but not enough to fight with him.

Q We're now almost half way through the season. Are things going as planned?

JV Well, yeah we've won a race and we've been on the podium a few times and we're up there in the championship standings, so it's going well. It could have gone a little bit better in a few races, for sure there's been some not so good ones but it's all experience.

Q And of course you and Michael are now equal on 26 points each so it gives you everything to go for.

JV Yeah, Michael got closer. We've got the same points and we've both got closer to Damon, so it's going to make the rest of the championship interesting.

Q Michael, we saw last season in Canada a Ferrari victory. Can we expect the same one year later on?

MS We will try. We will do our best. We're going to go testing next week and make some big changes to the car which I hope they are going to pay out, especially for Canada. I think they should be very good anyway. The car on chicane areas has been reasonably quite well like Imola and Monte Carlo, so I hope that it pays out again like it has done before because this nature of the circuit is completely different and the car has not worked too good, but going to Canada, I look forward to it.

Q Gentlemen, well done.

-- David Goodwin

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