Some of the world’s most energy efficient vehicles are shown to Alonso and Räikkönen

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen drive ultra energy efficient vehicles at Spa-Francorchamps

Ahead of the 2014 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix, Shell invited Scuderia Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen to demonstrate ultra energy efficient Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) vehicles on the historic Spa-Francorchamps track. 

The Scuderia Ferrari duo took to the track alongside students from across Europe to showcase the initiative that challenges students from around the world to design, build, and test ultra energy-efficient vehicles. The teams included the French champions from Lycée Saint-Joseph La Joliverie, Instituto de Educación Secundaria Alto Nalón (Spain), University College London (UK), Brandenburgische Technische Universität (Germany), plus Belgian students from the Université de Mons and Université de Liège. 

Energy efficiency is now one of the key factors for Formula One teams in 2014 and moving forwards.

Kimi Räikkönen

Before jumping behind the wheel of the concept vehicles Alonso and Räikkönen spent time with the students discussing Shell’s commitment to promoting the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), the similarities between SEM and Formula 1® racing, and how SEM inspires young engineers to push the boundaries of vehicle efficiency.

The event went on to showcase how Shell invests in the development of engineering for road cars and our energy future, just as it continues to invest in its Technical Partnership with Scuderia Ferrari to tackle the changing technical regulations in Formula 1® racing. This is particularly true in 2014, as teams and their technical partners work together to meet greater energy efficiency demands of the new sporting regulations.

“It was a nice experience driving such a special car! Along with the other cars here, the numbers show that it’s super efficient! It’s really incredible to think that with just one litre of fuel, cars of this type can cover over 3600 kilometres. I think all the work done in universities on the topic of energy saving is very useful, because even if it’s not applicable at the moment, it certainly will be for cars of the future.”

Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari driver

“I already met some of the students this year in Goodwood at the Festival of Speed and drove their simulator. It’s normal to drive apart from the low speeds and they look simple on the outside but actually they are more complicated cars and the students that build them are very smart people. I think the Shell Eco-marathon is an excellent event and gives the students a good way to learn and improve and hopefully move into bigger things in the future.”

Kimi Räikkönen, Scuderia Ferrari driver

Energy efficiency is now one of the key factors for Formula One teams in 2014 and moving forwards. As such, it’s amazing to see these students using the same technologies as the teams to keep improving SEM technology and vehicle design.

“It’s extremely important to have a younger generation of innovative engineers and scientists raising questions and taking part in events such as the Shell Eco-marathon and today has provided a great opportunity to see first-hand how we work together with the students to develop the latest innovations in the fields of science and technology on a daily basis. Their work is really inspiring. I wish I’d been given this opportunity when I was at school!”

Mike Evans, Shell’s Formula One™ Fuels Project Leader

“As students of engineering, the Shell Eco-marathon is a great opportunity for us to put our skills to the test. Today has shown me how many similarities there are between how we work and how Formula One teams operate. This has inspired me even further to follow my dreams of a career in motorsport. The opportunity to meet Fernando and Kimi was incredible.”


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